What is the privatization of an apartment

What is privatization? Everyone knows what she is, however, her benefit to some people seems very doubtful. There are also those who consider it useless.

Types of privatization are different. In Russia it has been carried out for more than twenty years. At the moment about eighty percent of housing is privatized, and it's free. From the first day of the first month of 2013, it will have to be paid for. Of course, there are reasons to believe that it will be extended again, however, it is better now to consider the issues related to its necessity and importance.

What is privatization?

Privatization of property in Russia began infar back in 1991 after the adoption of the relevant law. In the USSR, it was not. What is privatization? Under it is customary to understand the transfer of real estate from state ownership to private ownership. This procedure is carried out by means of drawing up a contract. To pay at the moment is necessary only for the technical conclusion of the document. What is privatization? This is the name of the process, as a result of which people from tenants turn into owners.

Privatized may be that housing, whichis registered in a municipal or state fund. The question of whether to hold it or not, everyone decides for himself. What will happen if you do not privatize an apartment? In principle, nothing. A person will continue to live in it under a social contract. hiring. Why do we need privatization? Then, that after its passage, a person will be able to dispose of housing as he sees fit.

You can not receive the following apartments in the property:

- staying in boarding-houses;

- located in military camps of closed type;

- being in emergency houses;

- relating to housing maneuvering.

Privatization is carried out on the basis of a special law. Its main principles are:

- one-off;

- good faith;

- Voluntariness.

The principle of voluntariness is thatno one can force anyone to privatize or not privatize housing. Especially it concerns municipal and state bodies, which in one or another situation can try to make a decision for the tenant. It is important to note that the decision to privatize is taken by all people registered in the room: one refused-the procedure did not take place.

Privatization is one-off. This means that you can only exercise the right to get an apartment in the property once only. This principle is important, but it is often circumvented: the apartment is privatized only by individual members of the family. Individuals who become minors who become owners will in the future still have the right to it (after coming of age).

Why is not everyone in a hurry to get an apartment in theirown? The reasons, as a rule, consist in unwillingness to make out documents and misunderstanding the importance of the entire process. The main plus of privatization is that the tenant becomes a full owner and is given the right to dispose of the apartment at his discretion (bequeath, give, and so on). A non-privatized area can not be used as collateral, and its sale can be fraught with certain difficulties. They will arise and when renting it.

From a privatized apartment without compensationno one can be evicted. This applies even when the debts of residents in front of public services are great. In a privatized apartment, you can redevelop. When the dilapidated house is demolished, the tenant is given another living space.

What are the disadvantages of privatization? In dormitories and communal apartments it is better to be employers. The bottom line is that such housing is not easy to sell, but sooner or later there may come a long-awaited resettlement.

After privatization, the apartment will have to payA bit more. In the event that the housing is damaged due to the fault of the owner, the state will not grant it a new one (in case of emergency damage, new housing is provided).

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