Several methods how to disable all services on MTS

How to disconnect all services on MTS? It is this issue sooner or later set by many subscribers of this network. The operator constantly floods his users with messages about connection of options, reminders of account replenishment and announcements of contests. No wonder that most subscribers simply do not remember which MTS services they have active.

It is necessary to be alerted in several cases: if the subscriber notices that the account is almost always empty, despite the regular replenishment, and also if the balance for a few days is reduced by a considerable amount without lengthy negotiations and correspondence. If such cases occur more often, you should, first, check your tariff and connect more profitable, if one exists, and secondly, check your options and find out how to turn off all paid services on MTS. There are several ways to do this.

The first way is to call the subscriber center andin detail to ask the operator about what services are connected to this or that number. It can be difficult to call, and operators can be limited in the time of consultation, so it's easier to use another way.

how to turn off all services on mts
The second way is to use USSD code. To do this, enter * 152 # and then follow the menu. This way you can find out about all the connected services, subscriptions and options. In order to disable all this, you still have to contact the operator by phone or use another USSD code - for each service it's your own.

Another way - in response to a message aboutconnection of a service, you can send a message with the text STOP or STOP. You can still visit the company's office in person to cuss employees, but this method, perhaps, is relevant for those,

services мтс
who often happens where there are offices, or is so angry with the operator that he wants to throw out his anger before disabling all services on the MTS.

In order not to worry in vain, but freelymanage all the features of your tariff, you can register in an online assistant and through the operator's website freely produce virtually any action. Before you turn off all services on MTS, you can find out which ones are connected and how much they cost. This information can be useful in analyzing opportunities for savings. For example, if a subscriber often calls the same "contact", it makes sense to activate the "favorite number" service,

how to turn off all paid services
so that calls are cheaper.

Many experts and do believe that once inhalf a year it is necessary to recheck a ruler of tariffs for presence of more favorable. On the MTS website, by the way, there is a tariff calculator that selects the scheme based on the subscriber's needs. Thus, before you can disconnect all services on the MTS, you can request a detailed calculation, then pick up a suitable tariff, deactivate all unnecessary services and connect as needed.

The latter method is the most convenient,because it does not imply the participation of strangers in the process, which means that in any oversight the user can only blame himself. It is through this method that you can turn off or connect any options with just a few mouse clicks.

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