LED matrix: description, application

The LED matrix isseparate LEDs, and LED assemblies made on a group of crystals. Such matrices have found wide application in general lighting systems for objects and premises, roads and facades of houses, they also use them for individual indoor lighting, for example, in spotlights. The LED matrix can produce, depending on the purpose, both the directional light flux and the scattered light.

LED matrix

The need to study the connection processLED structures of high power, as well as related to this process, constructive and technological problems are currently due to the rapidly growing popularity of these products, and, of course, the influence of this direction on the lighting industry. The reason for this great influence is a number of advantages that were achieved as a result of replacement of luminescent, vacuum, gas-discharge sources of insolation with modern semi-conductor light devices. It is no secret to anyone that the use of super-power diodes has allowed to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed, as well as to increase the level of reliability, durability and environmental friendliness of light sources.

Thanks to the above advantages,the development and production of the latest technologies in the field of LED lighting equipment is currently being implemented at a tremendous pace. At the same time, the requirements to the quality of dispersion of the emitted light flux, the power of the glow of semiconductor light-emitting diodes are constantly growing, which means that the requirements for matrices also increase.

The LED matrix is ​​a groupcrystals, included on a mixed principle - parallel-sequential. The value of the supply voltage and current in the LED matrixes is slightly higher than the voltage and current of simple LEDs. This is because the matrix contains a whole group of semiconductor elements. For an efficient and long-lasting operation, the LED array must be equipped with a powerful and stabilized DC power source (or current source and driver), as well as a heat sink. Most often in the role of heat sinks an aluminum or copper radiator is used.

high-power LED matrix

As practice shows, in our days ever increasingpopularity is won by powerful LED matrix. After all, these products have significantly reduced the prime cost of the design of a powerful lamp by integrating several crystals into one. Such a combination allowed manufacturers not only to reduce the cost of production of light devices, but also significantly improve their quality. This is because the LED matrix circuit has been significantly reduced, and the simpler the electrical circuit, the more reliable it is.

LED array circuit

An important parameter of any LEDmatrix is ​​luminous efficiency. It depends on the quality of the light crystals used. However, it should be understood that even with the use of a high class of crystals, the light output of the matrix will be somewhat lower than the total yield of the crystals entering the structure. This is due to the effect of superposition (mutual absorption) of light radiation, diodes located in close proximity.

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