Can I put a microwave on the refrigerator? The decision for the owner!

The question "Is it possible to put a microwave oven on a refrigerator?" Partially contains an answer, because interest in it could not have arisen in the kitchen with an area of ​​at least 15 m2. If the problem worries you, then youyou are in the kitchen of a small apartment, which, as Rina Zelenaya said, is "narrow in the hips." Although in these kitchens did not arise such questions - well, not to hang it to the ceiling!

can I put the microwave on the refrigerator

Traditional place

Since the appearance in the Soviet Union of thismiracle-furnace (and it happened only 20-30 years ago), most of the electronic "ovens" are exactly on the fate of the place they have prepared. Asked whether the microwave can be put on the refrigerator, became after a certain time, when there was a choice. Then they remembered: the instructions say that you can not put the oven on the refrigerator in any case. But if microwave ovens flaunt on the refrigerators of the decade, and generations have already grown up next to them, it means that it is not so impossible. Can. But with the obligatory observance of certain rules.

The necessary conditions

First and foremost, these electrical appliancesmetal coating should not touch the walls closely, there must always be a gap between them, which is provided by the legs of the "oven". You can affirmatively answer the question "Is it possible to put a microwave oven on the refrigerator?" If a solid and even, preferably heat-insulating, stand is placed between them. In addition, all-round air access should be provided to the stove to create a constant ventilation. This can provide clearances of at least 10 cm. That is, it is possible to put a microwave oven on the refrigerator when the oven is surrounded by free space on all sides, and airflow access to it is provided by gaps not less than 10 cm wide, and the distance from its top to the next surface is not less than 20 cm.

Comfortable height

 you can put a microwave on the refrigerator

This rule should be taken into account in the case ofbuilt-in kitchen furniture. Of course, the discussed option of installing a microwave oven on a refrigerator implies a certain height of the latter. It is not very convenient to get to it and from it with a plate of hot soup, using a ladder.

Microwave - a thing of prime necessity. For heating or reheating food it is used several times a day, so the equipment should be available to all family members and be at a comfortable altitude. But all these recommendations are relevant only for heating food and defrosting food, and not to use the oven at full capacity for a long time. In this case, putting it on the refrigerator is strictly not recommended for the safety of the whole family. We'll have to look for another place. And, most likely, there will be special containers for fixing it on the wall. The hooks, not the refrigerator, are equipped with powerful, multifunctional, modern microwave ovens. When installing the oven on the refrigerator, remember that in the event of a breakdown of any of these two of these units, warranty repairs are ordered to you. Do not violate the instructions!

 microwave oven photo

Supply and demand

Now the demand for microwave oven falls - everythingtime, but over the past 2-3 decades, the microwave oven has become a best friend and assistant for working mothers. It is not so difficult to teach a first-grader to four or five movements (provided that the parents did not suffer the question "Is it possible to put a microwave on the refrigerator?"), So that the baby gets and warms his cooked dinner without leaving the chair.

The sales boom of microwave ovens came in 2008, andthen began to quietly subside: maybe because the CIS household appliances serve much longer in the territory of the CIS than in other countries, especially in Japan, where things are bought in order to make them more likely to fail, and you could get new fun. But these furnaces will still be in demand, because the modern microwave oven (the photo of one of them is cited above) is irreplaceable because of its new possibilities and is unusually good in appearance. It is able to decorate the interior of any kitchen.

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