How to connect roaming on Megafon in Russia?

Going on a trip around the country or workinga trip to another region, subscribers are often interested in how to connect roaming on Megafon in Russia. After being outside your region for a long time, it is important to always stay in touch with your family and friends, friends and colleagues. In addition, a fair question arises as to how much communication services in another city will cost, and whether it is possible to reduce their cost. In this article we will talk about how to connect roaming on Megafon in Russia and whether it should be done, and also describe some additional options that can be useful in roaming in the country.

to connect roaming on a megaphone on Russia

Intranet roaming: description of the service

Not all customers of cellular operators know thatRoaming service is basic and always activated on the default number. In this case, it is both international roaming and intranetwork. If you wish, you can deactivate the service, and then you can not use the communication outside your region. Thus, the need to connect roaming on "Megafon" across Russia can arise only when the number was disconnected. In all other cases, you should be sure that on the travels around the country and the world, communication services will be available.

Cost of services

Tariffication in intranet roaming is carried out as follows:

  • incoming and outgoing calls - 9.99 rubles. (calls to numbers "Megaphone" and other cellular operators, and also to city telephones);
  • the cost of one megabyte of Internet traffic is 9.99 rubles;
  • sending a message - 4.90 rubles. (incoming text messages are free).

It is recommended to clarify the cost of communication services inroaming for each specific tariff. For example, on TA "Around the World" incoming calls are free, and outgoing to the country's numbers only three rubles per minute.

megaphone to connect roaming on russia everywhere

Services to optimize the cost of services

Often, it is about connecting additional. services to reduce the cost of services in roaming, and not how to connect to Megafon on roaming in Russia. Everywhere, anywhere in the country, wherever locatedsubscriber, communication services in case of activation of special options will be provided at a single cost. There are several options for reducing costs in roaming:

  • Option "Be like at home" - incoming calls when activated willfree, outgoing calls and SMS are paid in accordance with the tariff plan (the monthly fee for the service is charged every day at a rate of fifteen rubles, thirty rubles will be charged for the connection).
  • Option "All Russia" - incoming calls are not charged, outgoing callscalls and text messages cost three rubles (each day a subscription fee of seven rubles is charged for the service, thirty rubles will be charged for activating the service).
  • Option "Travel without cares" - incoming calls are not paid, outgoing callscalls within thirty minutes a day are also free, from the 31st minute the charging starts - 3 rubles; text messages within the option can be sent free of charge (up to thirty pieces per day, then each SMS will cost 4.90 rubles, the monthly fee for the service is withdrawn every day at a rate of thirty-nine rubles, 30 rubles will be charged for activation).

If the subscriber is interested in how to connect roaming on Megafon in Russia, you should familiarize yourself with the terms of these services and choose the most suitable one.

roaming megaphone on russia connect command

Option to reduce the cost of the Internet

Mobile Internet users willIt is interesting to know that there are two options that you can connect for the Megafon roaming service in Russia. Team USSD, personal cabinet - you can activate the service you like in any convenient way.

megaphone roaming in russia rates connect

Let us describe them in more detail.

  • Option "Gigabyte per way" - after connecting the service to the subscribera package of one gigabyte is provided for three hundred rubles, after using it, you can reactivate the same volume at this price or start using the Internet on roaming terms (9.99 rubles per megabyte).
  • Option "Internet in Russia" - You can activate the service for thirty rubles,a monthly fee of twelve rubles will be charged. What property does it provide? This option to optimize costs in roaming will be of interest to those subscribers whose numbers have an unlimited Internet option - access to the network will be provided at home.

To clarify the possibility of connecting these options, you can visit the official resource of the operator, having previously chosen your region.


In this article we have considered proposals fromcompany "Megafon": roaming in Russia, tariffs. To connect the service of roaming follows only to those subscribers who previously disconnected it on their number. To do this, call 0500 in the contact center and ask the operator to activate it by specifying information about the owner of the number.

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