Wide hips for women - true beauty

Figure ... Women all over the world are zealously watchingby yourself, trying as long as possible to maintain harmony and youth. There are two main types of female figure. The first is the so-called American one. It includes the charmers with narrow hips and broad shoulders. The second group consists of beauties with the figure "hourglass". It is the characteristic wide hips in women in this group and the narrow waist that create a semblance of such watches. This figure is considered to be a truly feminine figure.

Wide hips in women in many tribesThe African continent is considered a guarantee of a happy family life. Smooth and sensual gait, easier birth, attraction, femininity ... What just does not conceal in itself wide female hips! Modern fashion and glamorous world beau monde preach thin lines of the female figure, forcing young beauties to torture themselves with diets and sometimes bring to anorexia. World creators, such as Picasso, Protogen, Apelles and many others, praised in their works the true feminine beauty. Pretty women with very wide hips, coquettishly look at the surrounding with paintings of real art, winking sculptural compositions, as if circling in a sensual dance. Such art, like belly dancing, can be fully grasped, only having wide hips. All the charm of this passionate dance is transmitted with the help of voluminous hips and tummy. Smooth movements can awaken the most hidden emotions and feelings, helping a woman to enchant and fall in love with a man.

Wide hips in women - it's always beautiful andeven poetically. Many women are complex because of their size. Simple tricks and elements of the women's wardrobe are able to disguise the "lack" and distract from it the attention of others, emphasizing the other merits of the figure. So, how to hide the wide hips.

The simplest way is to combinecolors. From school times, the "black bottom, white top" is remembered. It is light colors that visually increase the volume of the figure. All sorts of jewelry in the form of fringe, folds, bodys, lace, folding ribbons help to create an additional volume of the chest, focusing on the upper part of the trunk. In addition, bright costume jewelry will help to draw attention away from the hips, attracting all glances to yourself. Dark and black tones "slim". This is a well-known truth. Simple forms of flowing fabric of straight trousers or a pencil skirt will help visually reduce the breadth of the thighs. The skirt-tulip will also help to hide the "lack" of the figure.

What should not be the "bottom". Women with wide hips are not advised to wear slip trousers or jeans. Such a cut, on the contrary, will highlight and emphasize the hips. Also, do not wear things that are too tight. Brilliant clothes are absolutely counter-indicative.

Mask wide hips in women will helpalso cut off under the breast tunics to the middle of the thigh. A free cut, airily fitting the figure, will create the impression of emptiness under the clothes. Good dresses and skirts are sun-flared, always with a pronounced waist. Thanks to them, you can achieve incredible results. A thin waist and a loose skirt will give a general image of elegance and confidently hide the wide hips.

Choose clothes for women with a piece of sandhours is quite difficult. The modern market abounds with things for slender and slender beauties with narrow hips. Therefore, it is best to buy things in a good store. The entire range of clothing in them is tailored for real "female" patterns. Each fashionista can easily pick up something to your taste. Highly qualified consultants will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Wide hips in women - this is not a flaw, but, on the contrary, the beauty of the figure. A real female figure.

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