How to choose a snowboard?

First of all, before choosingsnowboard, it is necessary to specify the place where the skating will be held. For flat terrain, it is recommended to buy special equipment for virgin land, if your plans include performing a variety of tricks, then it is more rational to purchase short board variants. And, of course, when carrying out an overwhelming amount of time in mountainous areas, it is recommended to buy elongated options. In the case of a timid movement to the springboard, but with ease in the air, it is worth giving preference to the standard modifications. These are the main points that you should pay attention to before choosing the length of the snowboard.

Not the last factor that influencesthe choice of the correct model is the weight of a person. It is from this parameter that you should start by choosing the length of the equipment. It is necessary to adhere to the following basic parameters.

For a free ride:

Weight from 40 to 50 kilograms - a board from 135 to 145 centimeters

Weight from 50 to 60 kilograms - a board from 145 to 155 centimeters

Weight from 60 to 75 kilograms - a board from 155 to 165 centimeters

Weight from 75 kg - a board from 165 centimeters

For freestyle style:

Weight from 40 to 50 kilograms - a board from 130 to 140 centimeters

Weight from 50 to 60 kilograms - a board from 140 to 150 centimeters

Weight from 60 to 75 kilograms - a board from 150 to 160 centimeters

Weight from 75 kg - a board from 160 centimeters

Now proceed to the level of rigidity of equipment,it directly depends on the skills of riding. Before choosing a snowboard, this rule should be read in detail. The higher the level of skill, the higher the rigidity is needed. For professionals, the equipment of the highest level is advised. For people skating well enough, it is not recommended to exaggerate their capabilities and better, in order to protect themselves from problems, choose the average level of the board. As for beginners, then there are indisputable soft models.

I would like to note that the hard boards are the mostEffective in conditions of hard snow cover. Soft boards are rational in the performance of tricks and small jumps. This argument is quite important when riding in virgin lands. Soft models can bring a lot of pleasure, as they are the most ideal for acquiring skills of jumping and performing simple tricks. They are easily manageable, and they feel confident in deep snow. However, there are a number of shortcomings. The ability to make turns on soft models is excluded.

Also, before choosing a snowboard, it's worthto familiarize with such concept, as an opportunity to a bend at a board. Lightweight models have a thin layer of wood directly under the shoes. In this case, the layer tends to decrease from the waist level towards the nose and heel. The option is simply indispensable for beginners, who are just beginning to learn the basics of skiing. Average flexibility is characterized by a thicker layer of wood under the shoes. However, the decrease in the layer is characteristic, as for the previous species. Models are made for fast driving and descents. Snowboards of absolute flexibility are distinguished by a thickened layer of wood, which is the same throughout the length of the board. Soft waist and heel areas remain.

The answer to the question of how to choose a snowboard is: It is worth paying attention to such a detail as thickness. Too narrow models will interfere with driving, and wide enough to manage heavily. Legs in shoes should look at each side no less than 1 centimeter.

If you are interested in the question of how to chooseprotection for snowboarding, it's worth knowing that you do not need to save on security. Take care of the helmet. The elbow pads and knee pads will also come in handy. There is also a mask and glasses for riding, here you can make a choice in the direction of a more convenient option. And, of course, newcomers should try on protective shorts. Snowboarding is a dangerous sport, and extra precautions here do not interfere.

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