Vadim Shipachev: biography of a hockey player

Vadim Shipachev is a famous Russian hockey player,serving at the position of the central striker. It has agility and speed, differs on ice with creativity and efficiency. Thanks to cunning and technology is one of the best scorers in the Russian national team and SKA.

Vadim Shipachev


The future champion was born on March 12, 1987. The place of birth was one of the industrial centers of the country - Cherepovets. As a rule, famous athletes begin to train almost immediately after birth. Shipachev Vadim - hockey player, who got into the section only in 8 years. The boy, it can be said, happened to be there by accident. He just wanted to go in for sports, no matter how (he loved football). I went to the ice with a friend for a company that signed up earlier.

Few people know where later turned out to be a friendVadim. The recruited group got eighty people, of whom only about three became professionals. Training took place daily. At seven o'clock in the morning Vadim Shipachev was already on the ice. And before that it was about an hour getting on public transport. It was not easy to combine classes in the school and the section.

shipachev vadim hockey player

From eleven years he studied at the school of hockeyclub "Severstal". The boy was small, weak, but stood out industriously. At first he played defense, but he did not succeed in stopping the powerful attackers. At the age of 14, Shipachev was transferred to the attack, where his basic skills were manifested: speed, savvy and cunning.

Professional career

In 2005 he joined the main teamSeverstal. However, he could not consolidate at once. Cherepovets club is well known, and it is played by very experienced hockey players, so Vadim Shipachev went to gain experience in HC "Belgorod". The club also played in the big leagues, but was not so titled. Until 2009, he played in Belgorod, trying to reach a new level, and then returned to Severstal.


Season 2009/10 showed that Shipachev came onnew professional level. At once Vadim became the most productive in the composition. Especially I remember the fans with their smart assists. In the next season he finished second in the club for performance, scoring 15 goals. The indicators brought the hockey player a ticket to the Russian national team. Soon I got the opportunity to play in a match of all the stars. Next year, Vadim Shipachev was able to get to the club from St. Petersburg.


In 2013 Shipachev was transferred to SKA, and hisopinions no one asked. It is worth saying that the hockey player was not against playing in Russia's elite team. In addition, Cherepovets near St. Petersburg, which allows frequent visits to relatives. Along with the striker, several of his team-mates also left for SKA.

In the new club, Shipachev reached the peak of his skills, demonstrating an amazing game. In 2015 he helped win the Gagarin Cup, and also became the most productive in the draw of the playoffs.

Vadim Shypachev ska

Excellent hockey player and acted as a member of the team. In 2014 he won gold medals at the World Championships, and in 2015 - silver medals. Most experts did not doubt that in 2016 he would become one of the leaders of the team.

In May 2016, he became the most productive in the championship, having scored 3 goals and 7 assists in 3 games.

Few can predict the future career of Shipachev. However, even now we can say with certainty that Vadim is one of the best hitters in Russian hockey.

A family

Shypachev has a wife - Catherine. He met with her in one of the social networks. Before the first acquaintance, the girl thought that Vadim was a simple student, not a future world hockey champion. Catherine married the athlete and does not regret it. She has only one complaint: the player rarely goes home, practicing even on weekends. The couple are raising two daughters. His wife does not miss a single match Vadim, although he does not know all the hockey rules.

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