Snowboard shoes - not just fashion

Popularization of winter sports, includingsnowboarding, has led to the fact that an active holiday in the mountains can already argue with the traditional pastime at the seaside. Many, planning their vacation, long can not choose between the beach and snow. A lot of fans of skating on the boards will never trade mountains for the sea. Meanwhile, even advanced riders once just started skating and bought their first snowboard boots.

Snowboard boots
Some newcomers long choose a board, considering itthe main attribute of the upcoming skiing. However, when purchasing your first set of equipment, you should pay special attention to safety, since this sport involves serious risks and is quite traumatic. Helmet, protective shorts and knee protectors will protect the pupil during falls, and properly selected snowboard boots will protect your feet from damage and keep them warm. Therefore, the choice of such shoes should be treated particularly with awe.

Practically in any specialized storeSnowboard boots: women's, men's and children's. The construction of them from the sex and age of those for whom they are intended, practically does not depend, so the criteria for their selection are identical. Of course, when it comes to shoes for advanced riders, it is selected depending on the style of riding and destination (freeride, slalom and so on). For beginners, comfort and safety are the main criteria for choosing the right model.

What to look for when choosing your first snowboard boots

This footwear must be measured beforepurchase and preferably do it in those socks that will be used for skating. Snowboard shoes are chosen so as to ensure their tight fit to the foot. The heel should not hang, as this directly affects the controllability of the board. You should not take such shoes for a smaller size, in the hope of carrying it, or more, believing that it is absolutely necessary to put on a pair of warm socks. Good shoes, properly sized, will not by themselves freeze. So they are selected strictly in size, to avoid the appearance of calluses, swelling, numbness of the legs and other unpleasant consequences.

snowboard boots vans
The inner shoe must be removable, thatwill quickly dry it. Well, if the felt boots have antibacterial impregnation, which prevents the reproduction of bacteria and, as a result, the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

The outer part of the shoe can be made ofnatural or artificial leather, synthetic material, textiles. High-quality sole has cushioning properties, which allow to reduce the impact force during jumps.

And, of course, the boot should be comfortable to dress and tighten.

Snowboard shoes and fashion

The history of snowboarding is not more than sixty years, and companies, somehow related to the release of equipment for him, more than three hundred.

snowboard boots for women
If we talk about shoes for snowboarding, how aboutfashion accessory, it certainly can be considered an important component of the image. The statement that one can say a lot about a person by looking at his shoes is also true in this case.

Every year, manufacturers produce newcollection of clothes, boards and shoes, paying attention not only to their technical characteristics, but also to their appearance. High-quality snowboard boots Vans, Burton, Nitro and others can serve more than one season, but inveterate mods in pursuit of novelties are ready to change them every year.

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