"Adidas" - the balls of the legendary manufacturer!

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The balls created by Adidas (soccer) area combination of stylish design, innovative solutions, practicality and reliability. Perhaps, no serious football championship takes place without the participation of this manufacturer. The first ball his company "Adidas" released in the distant 1963 year. It was one of the first models created specifically for the world football championship. It was designed by the American architect R. Buckminster. Thanks to his initiative, 5-6-coal elements were created, assembled in a certain order to create an absolutely ideal sphere. The combination of black and white colors, which had the balls "Adidas", very effectively looked on the television screen.

Modern balls - manufacturing technology

Current footballs of this manufacturerare created from 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, as well as from rounded fragments, similar to the triangular shape. Polyester fabric is covered with latex, it is heated in a special oven and cut into blanks, which are then sewn. The resulting product is inverted by seams inside and weighed to select the necessary chamber, which can compensate for the minimum deviations from the required norm. By the way, all created "Adidas" balls are the same in weight.

To balance the nipple on the oppositea number of stitches are made on the side of the ball. Then the inflated ball is heated in the mold under a certain pressure and passes through several stages of testing (checked by specialized electronics for compliance with size, shape and weight, etc.). At the final stage of production produced by the firm "Adidas" balls made of artificial leather, decorated with polyurethane paints, are covered with an outer layer, which is strengthened with synthetic foam. Further, the facets of the panel are supplied with latex, pressing the outer layer and the whole frame under a certain pressure.

soccer ball adidas tango 12

Adidas Tango - the legendary ball

This unique model was released in 1978before the World Cup in football, it does not cease to be relevant for today. In 1982, the world saw the second generation of balls of this model: in order to prevent dirt and moisture from getting inside the product, its seams were treated with polyurethane. There are several versions of this model: Tango Mundial - the ball was made of genuine leather; Tango Alicante - covered with special paint for playing in fields with weak lighting; Tango Malaga - designed for hard coatings; Tango Indoor - designed for indoor use. All these balls are very popular today. They are produced (in addition to the standard white) in yellow and orange colors.

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"Adidas" - balls made of synthetic materials

The time of change came in 1986, whenthe artificial skin was replaced by artificial materials. The first synthetic ball was Adidas Azteca Mexico, which, by the way, was sewn by hand. It had a three-layer structure.

Balls of a new generation

The football ball "Adidas Tango 12" became a realsensation and the official ball of the last Euro-2012, held in Ukraine. They are made without a single seam, are very light and strong, resistant to changes in temperature. In order to buy soccer balls "Adidas", the price of which depends on the particular model chosen, you just need to go to a brand store or make an order via the Internet. Football balls "Adidas" have a rich history, behind which lies a lot of experience and real art.

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