Promotional promotion as a method of attracting the audience

Promotional stretching is performed in the form of a web with information displayed on both sides, and using a cable-based design is placed above the carriageway.

This kind of advertising allows you to inform aboutthe emergence of new products, a variety of actions and events that are characterized by a limited period of time, such as sales, the opening of outlets, concerts. It can be used to indicate the location of an object, for congratulations on memorable events and holidays.

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The secret of efficiency

Advertising extensions, photos of which are presented inarticle, are calculated on attention of pedestrians, drivers of vehicles, passengers and usual automobile owners. The location above the road provides more perception, and accordingly, efficiency. Given a significant flow of machines, it is possible to reach a large audience and receive multiple views of the advertising message, which is printed from both sides of the design. Laconic format provides more attention and storage of the information presented. Due to the frequent replacement of constrictions, there is no addictive effect and there is no annoyance to the audience from bored advertising. It is possible to use for one-time and multiple announcement of an event.

promotional banner


As a material for manufacturing most oftensilk and cotton are used. The last option uses a screen printing method. With it, the boundaries of the image from the layout are printed in full size, cut out and act as stencils for a fabric, pre-sewn design. After that, the information is described. Among the shortcomings is worth noting the lack of photos and color transitions, since the layout contains only distinct outlines. The period of operation of the cotton variant is no more than 10 days.

Silk advertising extension designed for morecontinuous use. It has great resistance to different precipitation and exposure to sunlight, while the guaranteed life of its operation is 30 days. Production is carried out by means of thermal printing: a special image with a full color scale, which is printed on the canvas by means of a roller press, is transferred to the transferring special coating. To reduce the degree of transmission, a white cloth is used, located between the outer sides of the structure. The main advantages are the ability to use bright photos and in a long-term use.

Advertising Stretching


Promotional advertising differs in small spaceto place information and a limited location, so to improve the perception of the most important data should be present in the form of one or two lines. Large font is used to highlight the main part of the message, which should be visible from a distance in all weather conditions and have a legible font. As practice shows, bright letters combined with a contrasting, but homogeneous background are the optimal combination.

It is not always rational to locate smalllogos of companies and sponsors, as they can merge with each other. To improve the perception, light devices and overhead parts are also used, which also increases the visibility at night. The use of such elements is allowed at the legislative level.

Who Uses

Manufacturing of promotional extensions usesthe greatest demand among owners of shopping centers and large stores, organizers of various events. Also on these structures you can find information about services and discounts in the field of finance, insurance and real estate.

In other words, this type of advertising is the best option for notifying about various promotions and for promoting the services of companies.

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For the installation of stretch marks,a special license to carry out these works, therefore it is carried out only by authorized companies. Advertising banners, extensions on independent supports using cable elements are fixed. It is also possible to attach to buildings nearby. The number of supports varies depending on the width of the road.


Despite many advantages, there were somewithout flaws, among which it is necessary to note the awkward format, which has an advertising banner. This type of advertising is limited in the ability to implement design ideas. Another disadvantage is the lack of illumination, although this problem is solved with the help of overhead lighting elements. Careful development of stretching and a competent layout allow achieving a high level of efficiency.

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Promotional promotion: increased efficiency

Getting the most out is possiblein several ways, the location of advertising is of particular importance. It depends on the cost of placing a waist and the effectiveness of advertising. Do not forget also about the number of other elements in the leased area and the speed of passenger traffic. As for the efficiency of the location without taking into account the target consumer, the most relevant today are the highways. This is facilitated by a constant increase in the number of cars, and, accordingly, congestion.

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