How to print on cardboard. Devices for printing

The cardboard material has a large thickness andrigid structure, because of this printing on cardboard requires compliance with certain rules. This method produces a variety of products, including calendars, business cards and brochures. Cardboard packaging is especially popular.


Due to the high density of the material, the printing process on it is rather complicated. To prevent delamination and deformation, a significant bend should be avoided.

cardboard printing

Printing business cards on the cardboard with a large circulation is rarewithout the change of the pile, since the power of the receiving and recording elements of the device is not sufficient for the thickness of the cardboard. Because of the frequency of substitutions, it becomes rational to provide a continuous workflow with automatic mechanisms.

Also, equipment with dust removal devices is required because of its large number, which is typical for cardboard.

Printer for printing on cardboard

Often there is a situation where you want to print text or an image on a cardboard. For this, a printing machine or printer is used, the choice of the device depends on the size of the sheet and the number of sheets.

Laser or ink-jet equipment withA direct path allows you to print on cardboard at home. Trays for loading and receiving in such a printer have one level with the loading of pages. The necessity of such a condition is justified by the lack of the possibility of bending the material and its easy deformation. It is possible to use sheets with a thickness of not more than 3 mm.

business cards on designer cardboard

Preliminary it is necessary to take into account the parametersdevice and find out the maximum density with which work can be carried out. The use of a laser printer for printing requires the use of an upper tray and setting the necessary parameter, otherwise the lines will appear instead of text.

Wide-format products

Color printing on cardboard in a wide formatis more suitable for a digital specialized machine. It can be found in the printing house, where appropriate services are provided. Devices are classified by the method of printing to roll, sheet, offset and digital. Each of them is suitable for working with this material. Modern technologies allow you to automate many operations that previously had to be performed manually.

Using a computer,all the working process, thanks to which the machines acquire new opportunities. In addition to the urgent printing function, you can add the necessary corrections in unlimited quantities during the run. It is worth noting that digital devices have a laser principle of operation.

printer for cardboard printing

By automating, providing high speed and excellent print quality, it remains only to set the desired parameters and start the machine by preloading the sheets of cardboard.

Flexographic method

The flexographic printing has acquired extensiveDistribution due to the ability to work with absolutely any materials. This can be aluminum foil, a film with the finest structure, corrugated cardboard and so on. This method has amazing technological flexibility. The use of lamination, distinguished by the absence of formation of vapors from solvents, made it possible to obtain a film with many layers and a picture on one of them during one run.

From the printing mechanism directly depends formthe device itself, its functionality, the quality of the finished image, performance and reliability. Flexo printing machines have a simpler design of the printing device, compared to offset printing. The standard scheme is represented by a colorful element and two cylinders - for printing and forming.

color printing on cardboard

Printing on cardboard for packing dense orThe corrugated type is most often produced with the help of flexographic sections. Previously, this technique allowed to apply only numbers and text, but the improvement of this area and new developments ensured the production of multi-color products of high quality.

Offset printing

The main area of ​​application is printing oncardboard, cardboard and paper elements. At the same time, the most popular are sheet multicolour devices, they provide the display of text and pictures from two sides with the invariable registration of the ink.

In the packaging industry, the bestquality is ensured by the use of offset printing. It is possible to work with boxes for perfumes, cosmetics, food and alcohol, as well as additional operations, for example, stamping. They allow you to create decorative packaging, letters and gift paper, packaging for medicines, tobacco, food products, business cards on designer cardboard.

printing business cards on cardboard

Printing on rigid high density materialsrequires sheet machines to meet certain conditions. For example, there should be no large bending of the material, which is ensured by suitable sheet feeding and a larger cylinder.

Other types

In the field of printing and packaging goods, no less thana deep format is distributed. This method allows you to work with a variety of materials of a large circulation: propylene film, foil, cellophane, paper and cardboard with various coatings. The volume, economy and quality contribute to the active use of gravure printing. The surfaces obtained are characterized by glossy gloss, resistance to sunlight and abrasion.

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