Golden Dolphin Hotel, Adler: description, rooms, beach and reviews

Comfortable accommodation and a wide range ofQuality Hotel offers its guests a resort hotel "Golden Dolphin". Adler is one of the most popular places for year-round recreation, and this institution is one of the best accommodation options in the city.

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Brief description of the resort hotel

Ideal for marine recreation isthree-star resort hotel "Golden Dolphin". Adler will delight you with the sea and mountains, and the hotel - comfortable living conditions, as well as a wide range of services. There is a wifi, private guarded parking, as well as entertainment facilities like billiards, bowling and tennis. Also, alloys are organized along the mountain rivers. If necessary, you can use the transfer service.

Comfortable rooms with seven essentialsamenities offers you the "Golden Dolphin". Adler opens in front of you in all its glory from the balcony of the apartments. You will certainly be pleased with the original design and functionality of the room. Also worth noting the possibility of round the clock service.

Be sure to visit the restaurant of the hotel "Golden"dolphin. "Adler is literally full of public catering establishments, but finding an option with an optimal price-quality ratio is not so simple.In this institution you will find a wide range of dishes from the international menu, as well as a pleasant atmosphere.If you need, you can make a meal order and drinks directly to the room.

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Location of the resort hotel

Pretty convenient locationcharacterized by the hotel "Golden Dolphin". Adler, Lenin street, 219, - the address of this institution. It is located not more than 100 meters from the azure seashore. The road to the resort city of Sochi will take about 30 minutes. As for the nearest international airport, it is located about 3 kilometers from the hotel.

Number of rooms

Comfortable rooms await travelers inhotel "Golden Dolphin" (Adler). The price ranges from 3000 to 9000 rubles per night, depending on the category of the room. So, you have the following options for posting:

  • Standard Apartment are designed to accommodate two guests. Here, in a fairly compact area, there is a large bed (or a pair of one and a half), as well as a dressing table. The bathroom is equipped with a shower.
  • Suite consists of two rooms. The bedroom has a large bed, a work area and a dressing table. As for the living room, it is equipped with soft folding furniture (can accommodate additional guests), as well as a coffee table. Please note that there is a private, furnished balcony.
  • Premium Suite is a huge apartment, consisting of a bedroom, study and living room. The bathroom is equipped with a jacuzzi, and the private balcony overlooks the sea.
  • Family Suite - these are two huge bedrooms, which are combined with an interior door. The feature of the room is the availability of two bathrooms, which is especially convenient for living a large number of people.
  • Studio Suite It is a spacious room in whichdecorative zoning highlighted the bedroom, living room, as well as a seating area. There is a bar and a private furnished balcony overlooking the sea.

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Facilities in the apartment

Hotel Golden Dolphin (Adler) offers you the following facilities provided in the guest rooms:

  • a spacious furnished balcony with a view of the sea coast, as well as a walking park;
  • free access to high-speed wireless Internet;
  • individual air conditioning allows you to create in the room the most comfortable microclimate;
  • in the mini-bar there is always drinking water, and at an additional cost alcoholic and carbonated drinks and snacks are provided;
  • TV with the ability to view cable channels;
  • thanks to the presence of an electronic safe you can not worry about the safety of your valuable things and documents;
  • in the bathroom there is an electric hairdryer, a full set of bath accessories, and also cosmetic accessories.

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Infrastructure resort hotel

"Golden Dolphin" (Hotel 3 *, Adler) offers you the following infrastructure facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all public areas.
  • Private parking is available for all hotel guests.
  • The restaurant offers a buffet breakfast, as well as an extensive menu of dishes from different countries of the world.
  • Receptionists at any time of the day will help you to resolve issues related to staying at the hotel.
  • In the bar you always have a huge selection of drinks and light snacks.
  • In the laundry quickly and carefully put in order your crumpled or soiled clothes.
  • Business events, negotiations and seminars can be held in the conference hall equipped with modern office equipment.
  • On the territory of the hotel there are several shops with souvenirs, food, clothes, as well as household chemicals and essential goods.
  • Perhaps the most important infrastructure of the hotel is the Golden Dolphin (Adler) - a beach with sun beds and umbrellas from the sun.
  • Solemn events will be held at the highest level in the banquet hall of the hotel.

hotel golden dolphin adler reviews

Services and facilities for guests

Hotel "Golden Dolphin" offers its guests to use the following list of services:

  • For those who want to improve their health, sanatorium-and-spa treatment can be organized on the basis of various establishments of Adler.
  • Lovers of luxury secluded rest are given the opportunity to rent a private house.
  • If you do not want to take a taxi or depend on the timetable for public transport, then rent a car.
  • For unforgettable sea walks you can rent a boat or a yacht.
  • It is acceptable to agree with the chefs of the restaurant a special menu for complex meals.
  • The hotel staff will assist you in arranging banquets and other special occasions.
  • Guests can use the shuttle service to the airport or railway station.
  • In the tourist office for you a rich excursion program will be organized.

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Useful information for guests

The following rules apply to the Golden Dolphin Hotel:

  • Registration and eviction of guests is made after 14:00 and before noon (for an additional fee, the order can be changed subject to the availability of a sufficient number of free rooms).
  • The cost of a baby cot is 100 rubles for every day.
  • Extra beds for children under 12 years will cost 500 rubles per day.
  • Accommodation of adult guests on cots costs 1000 rubles per night.
  • The hotel is unacceptable accommodation with pets.
  • Bank plastic cards are accepted for payment.
  • If necessary, you can be provided with an official check for the preparation of accounting or tax reporting.

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"Golden Dolphin" (Adler): virtues

Rest in this hotel is characterized by the following positive points:

  • Excellent location near the sea coast, as well as many infrastructure facilities.
  • Spacious clean rooms.
  • Pleases the presence of a balcony, where you can sit, enjoying the scenery, as well as dry towels.
  • Polite and helpful staff at the reception.
  • Good hygiene kits.
  • Pleasure large orthopedic beds.
  • The hotel has a library with a fairly large selection of literature.
  • There is a children's corner in the hall.
  • On each floor there is a cooler with both cold and hot water.
  • Very cute and professional waiters work in the dining room and restaurant.
  • Each floor has an electric kettle, microwave, and an iron and ironing board.

Hotel Golden Dolphin (Adler): reviews. disadvantages

The guests note the following negative aspects of this resort hotel:

  • If the windows of your room overlook the road, it will be quite noisy.
  • Not very hearty breakfast.
  • It is very inconvenient that the rooms are cleaned after dinner in most cases.
  • Around there are many cafes and other establishments, where loud music plays late into the night.
  • Very dirty carpet.
  • The rooms are quite dark (it is worth adding lighting fixtures); poor-quality plumbing in the bathroom.
  • Maids often forget to report hygiene items to the room.
  • Inconvenient access to the hotel.
  • Magnetic locks in the rooms do not work well, which makes it difficult to open the door.
  • In some rooms there is a very strong smell of sewerage.

General impression of tourists about the hotel

Resort hotel "Golden Dolphin" attractstourists by its convenient location not far from the sea coast. Also in the immediate vicinity there are numerous cafes and restaurants (but this can also be regarded as a disadvantage, because loud music plays late in them). Guests enjoy spacious and bright rooms with high ceilings, as well as courteous and attentive service.

Of the shortcomings it is worth noting not very satisfyingbreakfasts, as well as a rather uncomfortable entrance to the hotel. Also, the quality of cleaning is slightly affected (carpet is very dirty and requires serious cleaning or complete replacement). If we talk about positive aspects, then this is the presence of balconies overlooking the sea, as well as coolers and microwave ovens on each floor. In the hall there are children's corners with various toys and other entertainments for kids.

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