How many fly to Cuba from Moscow? Consider options

Cuba can be called a real paradise for tourists. Those who decided to relax in this amazing country, are waiting for the charming white beaches, clear sea with crystal clear water, coral reefs and exotic tropical vegetation, amazed by the riot of colors of magnificent flowers. A trip to Cuba is suitable for those who love everything unusual and are waiting for incredible adventures. The most popular among travelers are ecological tours. The guests of the country are waiting for a lot of interesting things: extreme hiking, diving, fishing and other exciting activities. In general, there is something for which to go to the other half of the globe. Many are interested in the question of how much to fly to Cuba from Moscow? Let's try to answer it as accurately as possible.

How much to fly to Cuba from Moscow

Direct flights

It is most convenient to travel by direct flights, withouttransplantation. They are sent only from the capital of Russia. You can find out the actual time of the flight only from the air carrier, whose services you will use. All other information will be only approximate, giving an approximate time of flight.

To find out how much to fly to Cuba from Moscow,It is necessary to take into account various factors. For example, the type of flight (whether it is direct), weather conditions and so on. If you are flying on a direct flight, you should prepare for a long journey. The approximate flight time, as a rule, is 13 hours. You have to cross the Atlantic Ocean and change several climatic zones at once. You should also know that all flights departing from Moscow arrive in Cuba at Jose Marti Airport, located in Havana. From there it is easy to reach anywhere in the island by bus or taxi.

Last Minute Tours to Cuba

Associated flights

Find out how much to fly to Cuba from Moscowtransit, is much more complicated. As a rule, tourists can fly through Paris or Frankfurt. Travel time can be up to twenty hours. The advantage for travelers is the ability to rest between flights. In addition, in this case, you can save, because air tickets are cheaper. That is why transit flights are popular among Russians.

Trip to Cuba

In choosing a direct flight, it is necessary in advanceBook tickets, if you, of course, do not get last minute tours to Cuba. You can do it right on the site of the chosen airline. The cost of a direct flight will cost about forty thousand Russian rubles per person in one line. Connecting flights are cheaper, but their price is variable, it should be specified, choosing the best options.

So, the answer to the question of how much to fly toCubes from Moscow, will depend on the option you choose to fly (direct or joint), your desire to save weather conditions and requirements of carrier airlines. Travel time varies from twelve to twenty hours. In any case, you will meet with an amazing country, which will certainly amaze with its magnificence, hospitality and unusual culture.

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