Homestead "U Albert" on Pavlovka: description

The estate "U Alberta" is a recreation center, whichis located in the village of Berdyash, on a picturesque beach. It is located in an extraordinary place, with a beautiful view of the mountains and the reservoir. The territory of the base is improved, clean. All the tracks are lined with stone. On the street there are gazebos and BBQ.


Those who came to the recreation center can be accommodated in a hotel room or in one of the guest houses (there are three of them).

homestead in Alberta

In a two-story wooden house can liveeight people (maximum). The cost of living per day is twelve thousand rubles. There is a kitchen, a shower room, a bathroom, necessary furniture, a music center, a jacuzzi, etc.

There is another one-story house, which is also designed for a maximum of eight people. It has everything the same as in the first variant of housing, in addition to the Jacuzzi. The cost per day is ten thousand.

Two-storey house on the water can accommodate up to 10 people. The price is 15 thousand rubles per day.

There are also hotel rooms:

  • double suite (3000 rubles per day);
  • double junior suite (2500 rubles per day);
  • standard (1000 rubles per day);

The Manor «U Alberta». Food

How much does food cost? Its price is 1200 rubles. For this money the guest is offered breakfast, lunch (buffet).

The restaurant has a grill, author's kitchen, a bar, billiards and a summer terrace. The menu here is diverse. There are second dishes, soups, desserts, meat and more. You can also host a banquet at the restaurant.

Services and Entertainment

On the territory of the manor there is an equipped bathcomplex. There is a font with ice water, a sauna, a heated tub and a jacuzzi. There are tea, brooms, honey and bathrobes. The services of the bath complex cost three thousand rubles per hour.

The farmstead "U Alberta" also offers excellent conditions for scootering, fishing.

homestead near the albert on the pavlovka

For those who like active recreation, there is a massoptions. For example, you can fly on a delta. The cost of such a service is fifteen hundred rubles in ten minutes. You can rent boats here, on average, for half an hour you will have to pay 2500 rubles. Also there is a possibility to go on a hydrocycle. A 10-minute drive should pay five hundred rubles. You can also rent:

  • catamaran 2-seater (three hundred rubles / half an hour);
  • kayak (three hundred rubles / hour);
  • a wooden boat with oars, designed for six people (five hundred rubles / hour);
  • plastic boat (800-100 rubles per hour).


Now you know what interesting is the estate "U Albert" on Pavlovka. As you can see, this is a good recreation center, which can be visited both with friends and family. There is a lot of entertainment for every taste.

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