Brief retelling of the "Inspector" on the actions

A brief retelling of the Inspector General may be requiredfrom students in literature lessons. He develops the speech and communication competence of schoolchildren. In addition, literate skipping of details that do not carry semantic load, but only testify to the good memory of students, will be needed when writing essays or statements.

brief retelling of the auditor
A brief retelling of the Inspector General: 1st action

The governor informs the officials the news: the auditor travels secretly to the city. They think that the purpose of his arrival is to find out if there are traitors in the city before the war. The governor accuses the officials of unworthy behavior, bribery and advises, at least for appearances, to restore order. He also asks the postmaster to open and read every incoming letter. He readily agrees, because he has been doing this for a long time. Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky suggest that the auditor may be a certain Ivan Aleksandrovich Khlestakov. He arrived from St. Petersburg, has been living in the tavern for more than a week and does not pay anything, he takes everything into account. The governor orders all the streets to sweep up the streets, demolish the old fence (to create the appearance of a stormy activity), arrange gendarmes at intersections. He himself goes to the inn to get acquainted with visitors. The wife and daughter of the governor sent maid Avdotya to find out what this official is.

Short retelling of the "Inspector": 2nd action

Osip, the servant of Khlestakov, lies on the master's bed andremembers how the owner, on his way from St. Petersburg, had squandered all his money home, since he played cards and lived beyond his means. The governor comes. He sends Osip to the owner of the inn for tobacco. The servant says that they should already in three weeks, and they will not give him anything, but still leaves. Khlestakov recalls how the captain of infantry robbed him in Penza, and came to the conclusion that the city was generally bad, because there was nothing to be lent. He again demands a lunch on credit. He could sell the suit and cover some debts, but he prefers to leave it, in a chic way, to come home. The servant brings dinner.

brief narration of the story auditor
Khlestakov is dissatisfied with its quality, but all the sameeats. He was told that the governor had arrived. During the conversation between them, Bobchinsky hides behind the door. Khlestakov suddenly starts shouting and threatening that he will complain to the minister himself. The governor is trying to give him a bribe. Khlestakov does not take it, but asks for money in debt. The governor instead of 200 rubles slips him 400. Khlestakov honestly says that he is going to the village to his father. The governor takes these words only for disguise, he invites the "inspector" to visit him. It was decided to postpone the payment for later. Dobchinsky, at the request of the governor, relates the notes to his wife and Strawberry in a charity institution.

Short retelling of the "Inspector": 3rd action

Ladies receive a note from her husband, in whichit is reported that they will be visited by a young St. Petersburg nobleman. They are excitedly discussing which toilets to choose. Osip brings to the house of the mayor a suitcase of his master. There the servant is well fed. Khlestakov is pleased with the inspection of the city, the hospital, a hearty breakfast. He is interested in where you can play cards. He is assured that there are no such institutions in the city. When Khlestakova was introduced to the wife and daughter of the governor, he began to write that "on friendly foot" and with Pushkin, and with the head of the department department, that everywhere he was an indispensable person.

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In spite of the fact that Khlestakov has been screwed up, allthey believe him. The Inspector goes to rest. All in panic, scary even in the event that the truth will be only half of what he said. Osip with his words added more fuel to the fire. The governor gives a bribe to him. Then he puts on the porch of the quarterly ones, so that they do not miss any petitioners to Khlestakov.

Short narration of the story "Inspector": 4th action

Lyapkin-Tyapkin builds officers in a military way. They prepared Khlestakov for bribes under the pretext of an offer from the nobility. The "Inspector" agrees to take this money only on loan. Everyone asks to be asked about it before the sovereign. Khlestakov guessed that he was mistaken for a "lump". He describes this funny story in a letter to a friend Tryapichkin, a newspaper correspondent, so that he printed it. Osip advises the owner to get out as soon as possible, until the real auditor turns up. Various petitioners come to Khlestakov. He himself flirts one by one with his daughter, then with the wife of the governor. That one, then the other asks for hands. Then he takes more money from the governor and leaves for his father, promising to return at the same time in a couple of days, as his daughter was wedded.

Brief narration: Gogol, The Inspector General, 5th act

Ladies dream about how they will move to the city, howthe mayor will receive a promotion. But while it was necessary to deal with the merchants on the spot, who came to the "inspector" with a complaint against him. Everyone congratulates the governor with happy changes. The postmaster comes and reads a letter from Khlestakov to Tryapichkin. The governor is furious. And only now everyone understands that there was nothing in Khlestakov that looked like an auditor. The culprits of the incident were Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky, who were the first to hear a rumor about the arrival of an important official. He enters the gendarme's room and informs that an auditor has come to the city and demands everyone to himself. The play ends with a mute scene.

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