Scenario of a charity concert. Organization and conduct of a charity concert

Unfortunately, there are children who are deprived of alljoys of life. They can include orphaned children, boys and girls with disabilities and those who are seriously ill. For such kids, it does not matter what the script of the charity concert will be. For them, the most important thing is that they are not forgotten and not abandoned. The script of the charity concert should include a variety of subjects: songs, dances, skits, contests.

charity concert scenario

Properly thought out program will help organize an unforgettable holiday for disadvantaged kids.

How to organize a charity concert correctly

To a holiday for children was at the highest level, it is necessary to ensure the correct organization. This will help:

  • Properly distributed roles.
  • Decently decorated scenery.
  • Also in the organization it is important to take into account the age of the children for whom the holiday will be held.
  • Due consideration should be given to the choice of location forevent. If the scenario of a charity concert "Alien Alas does not happen" is prepared for children with disabilities, then it is best to conduct it on the territory of the institution in which they are staying.

These seemingly insignificant details will help to organize correctly and qualitatively a concert event.

Choosing a place for a charity concert

Where the event will take place, in many respectsdepends on what kind of children the holiday is organized for. If the children can move independently, the event can be held in the following surroundings:

  • A park.
  • Forest.
  • Concert hall.
  • House of Culture and Creativity.
  • On the territory of the institution, where children live and live.

If the audience of viewers consists of patientscomplex ailments or from the disabled, then the charity concert is best spent in the hospital or social center. After all, the most important thing for these children is comfort and familiarity, then the whole festival will be held in one breath.

What to do with accents, organizing a concert

In order for the script of the charity concert to meet expectations, it is necessary to set the priorities in the holiday correctly. For this you need:

  1. Take into account the age category of the audience.
  2. Think about what presents to give the kids after watching, so that this event will be remembered for ever.
  3. It is very important to choose the right musicalaccompaniment for the full value of the holiday. The ideal solution will be a live orchestra. After all, every musical instrument heals and gives a lot of positive emotions.
  4. It is also worth considering the time of the concert. If the audience is mostly small, then it's better to organize a party early in the morning or in the evening, after a quiet hour.
  5. Depending on whether for healthy or forsick children, the scenario of the event "From heart to heart" is considered, it is necessary to determine the duration of the concert. If the children are sick and it is difficult for them to sit for a long time, it is better to make a short, not taking much time, concert.

heart to Heart

Starting from this, it is possible to organize an ideal concert that will open hearts and give an opportunity to believe that good is in the world and it will win all misunderstandings.

Scenario charity concert for children with disabilities

Disabled children are a special category of people. Therefore, the scenario of a charity concert for children with a long and incurable disease should not be too prolonged. For example, we can take the following idea.

On the stage there are two leading.

The first presenter: "Today we gathered here for a reason, we want to see the joy in the children's eyes. You know, the kind world is full, we will remind you of this more than once today. Let your eyes sparkle with happiness, in your life everything will be as in a fairy tale. Be positive overwhelmed and bathe in joy and affection. "

charity concert script

The second presenter: "Everything in this world shines with kindness, that's why we are with you now. We want to fill everyone with joy, we start the holiday, we are in a hurry to surprise ".

The first presenter: "Welcome our actors, today they will arrange for you an unforgettable performance. They are motivated by a sincere and strong desire to share with each of you their warmth and good emotions. Only for you today will sound orchestras, songs and poems. Only for you, dear children, professional dancers, acrobats and magicians will perform today. Meet! Our actors! ".

Adults first appear on stage, then school-age children, then the smallest performers.

The second presenter: "Our first gift today is a beautiful ballroom dance."

A few couples come on stage and dance a waltz.

The first presenter: "Thank our dancers. Now meet the magician, he will surprise you with his skills. "

A man with a hat appears on the stage and shows various tricks with a hare, a handkerchief, pigeons.

The second presenter: "Meet our vocal ensemble" Good "with the song" The winged swing ".

The first presenter: "Perhaps you are a little tired? I suggest a little exercise. "

From the ceiling, balloons fly, children try to catch them. If someone did not manage to catch, then the presenter personally handles the airy child happiness.

The second presenter: "Now meet our orchestra. They will play great songs for you. "

The first presenter: "The festive part of our holiday came to the finale. Now let our charity fund give gifts to each of you. We really hope that you enjoyed the performance, and our presenters will always remind you about today's meeting. "

Such a scenario for disabled children may well have its place. Joy and brilliance in the eyes are provided. But it is for this purpose that such events are held.

Scenario concert for kids from the orphanage

In the children's home, children are deprived of parental warmth andcaresses. Therefore, the charity concert "Children for Children" will please them without a doubt. Holding such an event will remind the boys and girls that they are not alone in this world, that they are important and necessary for society. For example, we can take the following idea.

The leader leaves to the merry music. Behind him leave the children, who will show the concert.

Moderator: "Hello boys and girls, today the song will ring loudly, our children will show you the dances, it will be very cheerful, believe me."

The girls come out in beautiful bathing suits and dance with ribbons.

Host: "Now meet our vocalist, who will sing you a song" If you are kind "from the cartoon about Leopold. Who knows the words, sing along. "

Moderator: "So that you do not get bored, we have prepared entertainment for you. Your task is to collect the balls in the pool. "

From the ceiling flying balloons, and on the stage poseinflatable pool. Select several children to participate, the winner is offered to sit in a pool filled with balls. Then all other participants are invited to the pool.

Moderator: "Now you are performing acrobats. Meet them with applause. "

Moderator: "For you, the holiday was brought today. We hope, he liked you. Let in your heart be the kindness that is given to you today. Let never you be knocked off the path of the moments that we call sorrow. Today "Good-bye" we say, and tomorrow, tomorrow again we will come to you. Our surprises do not end there for you. With a pure heart and with love for the younger generation, we give a gift to each of you. "

This scenario will appeal to both young and older children. Therefore, you can safely take it into account.

Scenario charity concert "Do good" for sick children

Those who have overcome the disease, it is very important to have strength,to fight and recover. Therefore, the script of the concert "Do good" from heart to heart should convey love, strength and inspiration. For example, we can take the following idea.

The host begins his speech behind the scenes underquiet music on the background: "The greatest happiness is when the kids are around. After all, what they gave us life - an invaluable reward. Let the strong forces of them appear, they will come. Let them be healthy with the prayers of their relatives, they will be alive. Let no ill, no trouble from the way never. Let the inspiration visit, the smile of life gives joy.

the scenario of a charity concert of another's trouble does not happen

The curtain opens, on stage at this timeare all participants of the event. The presenter comes out from behind the scenes: "Meet our actors and musicians, our singers and other talents. Today these children will share with you a piece of soul, warmth and give you a ray of bright sun that lives in their hearts. For you and our poems, our poets are speaking. "

The first boy: "For the strength to always be strong, you just need to more often rejoice at the children. After all, good emotions are needed so that illnesses do not meet on the way. "

The second boy: "Each of us has a lot of good, spring and autumn sometimes live in us. But the main thing is that there should not be a fire of hope in the soul. With hope in the world it is easier to live. That's why it's important to be friends with her. "

All together: "You give us a ray of warmth so that your heart warms you. We wish you joy and kindness, so that everyone will be able to manage. "

Host: "And now for you, dear spectators, our dancers will show an incendiary and beautiful dance" Cha-cha-cha "."

Host: "Meet our vocal ensemble with the song" Together cheerfully to walk ".

Moderator: "For you, our acrobat with his own performance. Come and meet. "

Host: "Unfortunately, our holiday has come to an end. But surprises do not end there, we still have gifts for each of you. Children, be kind, open and open soul. With a big heart that gives out sunlight to others, it's much easier to live. Until next time, dear friends. "

charity concert for children

Such a concert is sure to please children. The most important thing is that the performance should be in one breath and filled with notes of positive emotions.

A holiday scenario for orphans

For orphans, it is perfectly possible to use anyof the above scenarios. And also it is possible to include in the program verses which will fill with self-confidence and charge with good mood. You can pay attention to such short poems:


The most important in the world are children.

Each of us for them in the answer.

We hasten to bring a spiritual holiday,

So you could not take your eyes off.


Children all over the world are the most important,

After all, they are clean, kind, glorious.

Let it be good luck,

And our kids never cry.

Such poems can be safely included in the scenario of the charity concert "Give Life".

Scenario of a Christmas holiday

On the eve of Christmas celebrations, everyone is waitingmiracles, especially children. Therefore, the scenario of a charitable Christmas concert should be thought through to the smallest detail. Only then everything will turn out perfectly. For example, you can take this idea.

The presenter comes to the stage and says: "Today we have not only just met, today is a magical and fabulous day. In our presentation you will get acquainted with the interesting traditions of Christmas. And you can plunge into the tale with your head. Meet our first participants. "

On the stage children go out in Santa Claus's hats and on the pots, spoons, cups play the song Jingle Bells.

Moderator: "And now we will see how the Santa Claus helpers work before Christmas and New Year."

On stage, actors in elf costumes andquickly pack gifts. At the same time saying: "This is Andrew, this is for Ira, and this is for Nastenka. And this one for Vitya, only he did not obey Mom at all, maybe you should not give him a gift? Children, do you think? ".

Then Vitya comes out on the stage and says: "I behaved badly, I know, sometimes I did not do lessons, I did not listen to my mother at times, so that's what it is. I promise that I will correct myself, take up my mind and listen to my mother, I will not offend the children and I will eat well. I so wanted this gift, like nothing in the world. "

In this verse, Vitya shoots from the slingshot, picks his nose and shows the language to the audience.

Elf: "How do you think, children, should Vitya give a gift?"

The children say that they do not.

Elf: "Well, I do not even know, Vitya, I do not want to deprive you of joy on such a holiday. You'll have to work. "

Vitya: "Ah, I agree. Say what to do. "

Elf: "You need to give gifts to all the children who are in this room. When you are done with the task, we will give you your gift. I agree?".

Vitya: "Without problems, this task is easy!".

Then Vitya looked in the hall and said: "I just noticed that there are a lot of spectators, I can not manage until the next year".

Elf: "Then I'll give you the Elf's ears. They will help you quickly cope with any work. And put on a hat, like ours, too. Well, that's all, now you're ready to be real wizards. Guess what you want. "

Vitya: "I want sweets. No, I changed my mind. I want an ice cream. Too not that. Oh, thought up. I want all the children in the hall to be happy and give us their fun. "

Elf: "Well done, Vitya, this is the best wish. After all, when we give good to people, it always comes back to us. Take the magic wand and wave it, then your wish will be fulfilled in a moment. "

script charity concert for children

When Vitya waved his magic wand, from the ceilinga brilliant serpentine and confetti sprinkled. And then all the children were brought out dancing around the Christmas tree. Vitya gave out gifts to everyone. Santa comes to the scene.

Santa: "Vitya, you surprised us today.You did so many good deeds that you want to give you not only what you ordered from me. Take your gift and receive applause from the audience. Merry Christmas! "

This scenario, of course, will dip the audience in the atmosphere of this holiday and good mood.

New Year's Eve Scenario

In the New Year, children are waiting for miracles no less than onChristmas. Therefore, for this holiday is ideal for the same scenario as the Christmas holiday. The only thing, Santa Claus needs to be replaced by Grandfather Frost, and also add fun contests from the protagonist of the holiday.

Than to please children

Disadvantaged or ill children will certainly bewelcome any gift and performance. It is necessary to include in the program merry music, dances, poems, tricks and, of course, gifts for the audience.

script charity concert present life

What gifts can be given to disadvantaged children

Children who do not have a mom and dad, or guys,who are faced with serious diseases, first of all appreciate the attention to themselves. They do not have what ordinary children have. That's why these boys and girls will be happy with any gift they give. For example, you can give:

  • Toys.
  • Stationery.
  • Furniture.
  • Clothes.

And most importantly - pour the soul into the script of the performance, to pass a piece of heat to those who so miss it.

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