Funny scenes on March 8 for high school students. Scenario on March 8

March 8 - the most long-awaited holiday for allwomen of the planet. Usually, even small girls who do not receive compliments and presents together with their mothers do not get lost. March 8 at school is celebrated on a par with other holidays, and this day the administration faces a difficult task: to please not only teachers and schoolgirls, but also invited to the concert of moms and grandmothers. The proposed scenario is designed for students of junior and senior school. Turning to him, you can find the funniest scenes on March 8 for high school students and learn the specifics of the design of the assembly hall.

funny skits on March 8 for high school students

Some organizational moments

Traditionally leading such eventschoose a boy and a girl - the most active and bright high school students who can keep up the conversation with the audience. Decoration of the hall on March 8 at school is an important moment. Since fresh flowers are expensive, you can use artificial flowers, do not forget about balloons and children's drawings. Funny skits and anecdotes should be diluted with dances and songs prepared by the students themselves. At the beginning of the holiday, you should congratulate the teachers present in words and, if possible, give each person a bouquet of flowers. At the end of each class diverges in their offices and continues the celebration with cakes and soft drinks.

March 8 at the school

Opening of the event

Lead 1: Good afternoon, dear teachers and students!

Host 2: Hello, dear parents and guests of our event!

Lead 1: Today we have gathered in the assembly hall of our beloved school to celebrate the day when the beautiful half of humanity is waiting for beautiful words and pleasant deeds.

Host 2: This day is dedicated to you, dear teachers, mothers, grandmothers and, of course, our students.

Lead 1: Holding March 8 at school has already become a traditionin our small friendly team, and therefore we, Diana and our participants of the event will try to make this holiday an unforgettable one. The floor is given ...

(Further, congratulations may be given to teachers, verseson March 8, performance of dance or musical numbers. You can voice the merits of each teacher and thanking you for the work done, handing the bouquet).

holding on March 8 at school

From the history of the holiday

Host 2: Maxim, for sure, not everyone knows about the history of the emergence of March 8.

Lead 1: You're right, Diane, that's why we should definitely enlighten our viewers.

On the interactive whiteboard, a slide show with bright illustrations, corresponding to the speeches of the presenters, appears. Pictures are accompanied by music and video clips.

Host 2: Few people guess that initially this day was timed to the desire of the beautiful half of humanity to take a worthy place in the world.

Lead 1: The appearance of the holiday is associated with the name of Clara Zetkin. Initially, she gave him the title "International Day of Women's Solidarity in the Struggle for Their Rights".

Host 2: It is not surprising that on the same day in 1857there was a massive performance of working women in New York. Of course, the organization of March 8 in the school was not previously planned - after several decades, women came up with the idea to celebrate this day in their own homes, at work, in educational institutions.

The output of the smallest

Lead 1: Calling March 8 the Day of all mothers, it is fair to mention the smallest women, such as our primary school pupils.

Host 2: They prepared small poems fortheir mothers, who are also invited to the celebration and now closely follow every performance in the hall. So, meet the students of 3-B class, who will read the poems on March 8.

poems for March 8

First: Mom, congratulate my grandmother

Most of all I love them!

Mom, granny, come,

I'll feed you a cake.

The second: And today I have a pretty mother!

And today, I like the boys oh!

In gratitude to mommy, I'll pick flowers -

That's what our daughters have at school!

Third: Today we are friends with Dad since the morning.

We'll cook dinner for mom, wash the cat.

Mom will come in the evening and gasp from excitement:

The cat is soaked, the soup is cold - that's the surprise!

- Something, daughter, today you are especially naughty,

And the weather from the morning is gloomy, rainy.

- Mommy's favorite, soup and cat - gifts,

We congratulate you on the Eighth of March!

Fourth: When does the mother rest, because for days on end

She erases, removes, prepares dinner, sews ...

But today is a special day - all household chores

I'll do it myself, as my mother will go to work.

Fifth: March 8 - holiday in school,

Tea and feast day!

Our mothers, we love you,

Your love and care will not be forgotten!

Witty and funny skits on March 8 for high school students

Lead 1: Diana, do you think, and our graduates are as cheerful as the girls in the elementary school?

Host 2: Maxim, I do not doubt this! In order to prove this, we will now ask the students of the 9th grade to enter the stage with miniatures.

March 8 humor

Scenario "The plot against the chemist"

"Sidorov, I did not expect to catch you in the backyard of a school with a cigarette lighter!" Now you can dance with me! Without parents, do not come tomorrow, I'll tell them that you got carried away with cigarettes!

- Sergey Viktorovich, do not need parents! I made firecrackers for Nadezhda Ilinichny and wanted to set them on fire.

"For your chemist, or what?" So you do not throw them through the window, Sidorov, but from the roof - let's go help!

"The best gift for March 8". Humorous sketch

- My 10-A today so pleased! They gave me a ticket to the Thai sauna, manicure, pedicure and chocolate massage attached! What I have they are gold, this is how much they spent money on it! This is the best gift for March 8!

"Now we know, Ariadna Ilyinichna, who robbed a school piggy bank ..."

The "Kings Now and Then" Scene

Lead 1: It is said that the current generation of children has becomequite different: boys and girls do not respect teachers and allow themselves obscene antics. Let's see this and listen to the conversation of the teachers who left the Soviet school.

- Raisa Fedorovna, what a difficult time todayhave passed! Once our profession was the most highly paid and prestigious. Teachers could be compared to kings, because they were engaged in enlightening the society. Now show me a man in a school who could be called a king?

- And today, those children consider themselves, Lidia Pavlovna: they alone are the most omniscient.

March, 8 a holiday in school

The "Dimensionless Bag"

Host 2: Diana, and we argue that I'll calculate the teacher at first sight!

Lead 1: And how do you do it, Maxim?

Lead 2: It's simple - after all, teachers have the biggest bags,in which not only magazines, but also, it seems, the bicycle can fit. We hope that the funny scenes on March 8 (for high school students we have reserved this work), you will certainly like it.

Petrov goes to meet the teacher of English on the corridor and asks him to put him in the diary:

- Svetlana, I answered today at the board and got a top five! Put her in a diary so that I can please my mom, because tomorrow is March 8!

"All right, Petrov, you just wait, I'll find the red handle."

(Svetlana Sergeyevna gets out magazines, notebooks, diaries, pencil cases and some female "tricks" - a hairbrush, a lipstick, a mirror) from her dimensionless bag.

"Svetlana Sergeyevna, it's already dark outside, it's time for me to go home." You are here until you look for a pen, and I'll come to you tomorrow for an assessment. And by the way, I congratulate you on the 8th of March!

The holiday at school comes to the end ...

Lead 1: Dear guests, our solemn event is coming to an end.

Host 2: We hope that poems for moms andfunny scenes on March 8 (for high school students to prepare such a number, as it turned out, it's a pleasure!) you really liked, and upon returning home you will have a pleasant impression of our holiday.

Lead 1: From the bottom of our heart we want to thank you, dearteacher, for the work that you invest in our education and education; you, dear mothers and grandmothers, for endless support; you, dear girls, for the fact that you are struggling to get knowledge and grow disciplined students.

Lead 2: And now you are waiting for a small surprise - a tea party. We ask teachers, students and parents to go to classes.

organization on March 8 at school

The celebration on March 8 was completed in the assembly hall. Humorous skits and other events are appropriate to continue in the classroom. Before these parents are invited to visit the exhibition of drawings and products. The works presented there were made by students engaged in the sections of the IZO, "Beadwork", "Photodelo" and others (if any).

March 8: holiday in primary school.
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