Biography of Lermontov: a brief summary. Life and fate of the poet

Russia has long been famous for great poets andwriters. The Russian spirit itself gives rise to this pattern. It should also be noted that the same Russian spirit entails an evil fate that led most of them to an early death. Biographies of many of them are significant and full of events. Among them, the biography of Lermontov is highlighted, the summary of which is presented below.

Young years

biography of Lermontov
Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov was born in Moscow latertwo years after the Patriotic War one thousand eight hundred and twelve. His parents were happy in their family life, despite the fact that they did not live very richly, as Lermontov's father Yuri Petrovich was a retired captain and received a small income. Mother Maria Mikhailovna, after living a few years after the birth of her son, died, and his grandmother took up the education of the boy. Grandmother and father always found an excuse for quarrels, so they could not live close by. As a result, the boy stayed with his grandmother, and his father went to his domain. Grandmother took her grandson to the Penza province, where Lermontov spent his childhood and youth. At the age of nine the boy went to the Caucasus. From what he saw, there were wonderful impressions for the rest of his life. Here he experienced first love. This concludes the youth biography of Lermontov, the summary of which is described above.

Student years

м ю юррмонтов biography
M. Yu. Lermontov, whose biography is filled with many interesting events, has been a great romantic and dreamer all his life. This was especially evident during the student years, when Lermontov went to study in Moscow, where he studied literature and art. A few years later, the future poet tries to enter the moral and political department of this university. But he could not pass exams because of a special dislike for him from the teachers. He was forced to move to his grandmother in St. Petersburg, where he applied for admission to the Junker school, he studied there for two years. Having finished it, he settles in Tsarskoe Selo and becomes the soul and heart of the local youth society. During this period, Lermontov's biography and work are filled with dramatic events, since just then he writes "To the death of the poet" - a work that in society was considered a call for a riot. For this he was sent to serve in the Caucasus, but thanks to his connections, his grandmother was transferred to Novgorod.


biography and creativity of Lermontov
For the violent and restless character of Lermontovmany of his detractors disliked him. Thus, in the year of 1883 he got into a duel, for which he was returned to the Caucasus, and it was here that the new biography of Lermontov began, the brief content of which can be described as a period of violent and restless youth, impressions, love and, of course, writing. Quickly deserving of his unparalleled bravery respect and love of the authorities, Lermontov gets the opportunity to often go out into the light, where he spends time in sprees and entertainments. At one of the festivities he meets the same restless and hot, like himself, young officer Martynov. After the ensuing quarrel young people appoint a duel. It was held on the fifteenth of July, and as a result of the tragic confluence of circumstances, Mikhail Lermontov was killed. So sadly ended the life and fate of the poet, the biography of Lermontov was cut short, the brief content of which was highlighted above.

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