Vladimir Savinov: biography and achievements of the poet

Vladimir Savinov is the author of poems that enable adults to return to their childhood. Guys, having become acquainted with the work of the poet, realize that their problems are understood.

Vladimir Savinov: biography

April 1, 1952 in the family of the Leningrada teacher and an officer, a talented poet was born. For his youth and childhood Savinov Vladimir Borisovich has replaced more than one military town in the Murmansk, Pskov, Leningrad region, Karelia and Estonia. The writer finished high school in the Ivanovo region in the city of Kineshma, and then became a student of the electrotechnical institute in Leningrad. Since July 1975, Vladimir Savinov began to work as an engineer at the plant of radio components in Pskov. In 1978, he became an employee of the Special Design Bureau, where he still works, as the head of the software sector.

vladimir savinov

The first poems of Vladimir Borisovich werepublished in the collective annual collection of the Union of Writers of Pskov in 2002, in which he entered this period. The poet immediately began to take an active part in the events of the community, speaking at numerous meetings and events. Four years later he published his first personal book with poems entitled "Our Parallels", and in 2007 - the publication "In the Pskov Region the bird-cherry was boiling."

Personal life

Tatyana Nikolaevna, wife of the writer, in 1976began teaching solfeggio children at the music school named after M.P. Mussorgsky. Now she is the head of the theoretical department of this educational institution. The woman has taught music literacy many small inhabitants of Pskov.

Vladimir and Tatyana have two grown-up daughters, an eight-year-old grandson and an eleven-year-old granddaughter.

Writer for children

Savinov Vladimir composes talented, well-thought-out plot lines, which fill the fervor of children and even their parents. A poet from Pskov is not for nothing called a children's writer, for that is the complete basis.

His poems are lines full of joy,unbiased childlike sincerity. Sometimes the works of Vladimir Borisovich turn into instructive and amusing skits, in which there is no moralizing, which the children do not like so much.

vladimir savinov poet

Reading poems by a Pskov writer helps the children to feel written and understand the author's idea. They are often used for consideration in the family circle and further discussion with children.

It is very important that in order to express one's ownliterary fantasies, the poet uses words filled with light, goodness and purity. A serious, but at the same time, cunning intonation, awakens in small readers the desire to develop themselves as a creative person.

Achievements of the writer

Vladimir Savinov is a poet who is notmember of the Writers 'Union, although he actively participates in the activities of the Writers' Union in Pskov. He has six literary publications that date back to 2006-2015.

vladimir savinov biography

Vladimir Borisovich became the winner of such events:

  • Prizes for literature from the administration of the Pskov region in 2010.
  • Competition international level, dedicated to the memory of Igor Alexandrovich Grigoriev in 2014. In 2015, the poet became its winner.
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