What to read from the fiction of domestic and foreign writers?

Since ancient times, the book in the life of a person is playingsignificant role. She broadens her horizons, preserves and transmits information from generation to generation, enriches vocabulary, teaches her to express her thoughts more clearly. To date, there are a huge number of genres of literature, and each of them finds his admirer. It's very difficult to live in the modern world, so many people want to move to fictional worlds and other galaxies for a while - away from cares and gray life. In this regard, a new generation of readers are interested in what to read from science fiction, so as not just to have a good time, but also to discover something new.

what to read from fiction
Genres exist very much, so contentwill remain all. The most popular are fantasy, cosmoprobes and science fiction. Many people think that such works began to appear only in the last two centuries, but this is not so. If you are interested in the question of what to read from the fantasy of old times, then you should pay attention to the "Odyssey" and "Iliad" of Homer, because there are also fictional characters. Folk art should also be considered, because all the fairy-tale characters do not really exist.

Modern fiction is a fairy tale for adults,where writers with a good imagination offer to go to a fantasy world or get acquainted with an alternative story. Famous writers are foreign writers, perhaps because it was easier for them to publish their works than for domestic creators. If there is a question what to esteem interesting from a fantasy, then immediately it is worth paying attention to the books of J. Tolkien. This person is the founder of a whole trend in literature. It was he who invented the orcs and elves, and other writers somehow used something from this magic encyclopedia in their works.

what to read interesting from fiction
Of great interest is the readership of spacefantastic. What to read in this case? Very cognitive is Ray Bradbury's novel The Martian Chronicles, the book tells of the conquest of the man by Mars and the confrontation of the aborigines of this planet. To the same genre belongs the work of Isaac Asimov's "Academy", narrating about the great galactic empire, its flowering and decline. Also worth noting "Heechee" by Frederick Paul, "Space Odyssey" by Arthur Clarke, "The World of the River" by Philip Farmer.

space fiction what to read
If you are interested in what to read from science fictiondomestic writers, it is worth noting the Strugatsky brothers, who can be attributed to the ancestors of this genre in Russia. To penetrate their creativity, it is first worth reading two books: "Picnic on the Roadside" and "It's Hard to Be a God". Among the books that stand, you also need to highlight "Orthography" by Dmitry Bykov, "Labyrinth of Reflections" by Sergey Lukyanenko, "Look Into the Eyes of Monsters" by Andrei Lazarchuk and Mikhail Uspensky. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get acquainted with all books, but if you are interested in what to read from fiction, first of all you should pay attention to these authors. They will help to know this amazing genre, after reading their works it will become much easier to navigate in the world of books and get acquainted with new writers.

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