The best books about dogs

Literature is a beautiful world that canbe a refuge from modern chaos and disorder, or a door to the universe of fairy tales and kindness. In any case, the book has always been an important part of human life. To present an adequate person who has not read a single book is very difficult. Despite the fact that the Internet supersedes printed publications, lovers of literature will always be.

Variety of literary genres

Literature is so diverse that it is trulybreathtaking. A person, being at home, can visit different countries, worlds, epochs and get acquainted with outstanding scientists, gods, monsters, ordinary people. The world of literature is huge, it is impossible to embrace it.

A wide variety of genres allows everyonedetermine priorities. In addition, many readers love the literature of a particular country or prefer some kind of time interval. Literature enables every person to plunge into the past, live it with the heroes, and draw the appropriate conclusions that can help in real life. Modern literature can also surprise with its pearls, but how many treasures the authors of the past years have left to us!

Books about dogs

Literature about animals is a separate topic. Even a real acquaintance with the animal world will not be as complete as reading a book. The fact is that when dealing with animals, we observe only a part of their reactions, the book tells about real events and explains the behavior of animals, their habits.

books about dogs

In addition, that books about dogs are excellentguide to the animal world and the opportunity to experience the unity of all life on the planet. How many children and adults were crying over works, experiencing the difficult fate of their pet? Millions! The world of the book reveals those feelings that are usually "behind the screen", demonstrating the pure soul of animals. Empathizing with it, a person learns to understand, love and forgive. In this sense, books about dogs are of great value and especially for children.

Russian literature

Domestic literature can offerreaders from all over the world have excellent books that are not inferior to the masterpieces of world classics. Compare books, most likely, is silly, because each of them is a grain of talent, which must be seen and heard.

King Gavriil of Troepolsky "White Bim, blackear "was written in 1971. Despite the fact that the work already has a decent age, it is read by modern children and adults. It is worth noting that the book became popular among readers immediately after the release. Moreover, the writer's work withstood a huge number of reprints, and was translated into more than 15 languages.

White Bim Black Ear

"White Bim, black ear" - this is a book about the dog,who was completely devoted to his master. Ivan Ivanovich lived with Bim in his apartment alone. They got along fine, and periodically went hunting. Ivan Ivanovich was an invalid of the Great Patriotic War. At some point he is taken to the hospital because of a fragment in the heart, which he received in the war. Bima is assigned to a neighbor who could not follow the dog. The dog is on the street completely alone in search of his master. He gets acquainted with different people who are described in the book through the perception of the dog.

Unfortunately, the dog meets not only good, but alsoevil people who abuse him cruelly. The situation develops so that no one can shelter the dog for a long time at home. The court, in which the dog turns, becomes its haven. But the evil inhabitant of one of the houses slanders the dog, as a result of which the dog is taken to the shelter. Soon Ivan Ivanovich comes to a long-awaited meeting with Beam, but finds a dead four-footed friend who was waiting for the owner until the last second.

Unclear domestic literature

Another pearl of Russian literature isGeorgy Vladimirov's story "Faithful Ruslan". The book was poorly received by the audience, but has withstood many publications abroad. Also it was read on various radio stations, the book was translated into all European languages. In far 1974, the novel "Faithful Ruslan" was perceived by the authorities as anti-Soviet, which served as a general aversion to the public.

Foreign literature

Foreign literature can also presentthe reader has a lot of good books and talented writers. Daniel Pennak is a French writer who is still engaged in literary creation. By origin the author is a Corsican. His youth and youth he spent in Africa and Asia in military garrisons - that's what served as the writing of the book "Dog Dog". During this time young Pennak discovered the animal world from a completely different angle. The dogs helped Daniel all his life, from his youth. He was able to communicate with them as equals, they helped each other.

dog dog

The book "Dog Dog" introduces readers to thean amazing little puppy, whose life kicks, as he wants. Despite this, a small and purposeful puppy grows, going from a local landfill to a Parisian apartment. This way is long and complicated, so the puppy has to cultivate perseverance and help others to find friends in a world full of dangers.

"The Dog Who Talked to the Gods"

Diane Jessup is a little-known author inRussia, but she wrote a lot of books about animals, which are read out till now. The girl since childhood was very interested in dogs, so in adulthood, he came up with a special training system for them. This system allows for a short time to teach the pit bulls to search for drugs and explosives. Diane Jessup is now training dogs, she often works with animals from popular films.

the dog who spoke with the gods

This author's book is a story about love andhuman cruelty. She tells a story, proving that animals also have a soul. A touching story from a Western cynologist, which will allow us to better understand the place and role of dogs in our lives.


"Lassie" Eric Knight wrote in 1938. Such an old story still makes children and adults read, getting into the secrets of the animal's soul. Eric Knight is an Anglo-American writer who has not gained much popularity, but has created a book that everyone should read. The history of writing the novel is very interesting. The author published a story in one of the newspapers, but he was so interested in the public that Knight decided to write a whole novel. The book was received well abroad and in the writer's homeland.

Lescy Erik Knight

The author tells about the adventures of Lassie -a three-color Scottish shepherd who is very fond of her young master Joe. For financial reasons, he has to sell Lassie to a wealthy nobleman. A young dog does not want to put up with this, and makes several attempts to escape, which lead to nothing. The new owner of the dog decides to take her to Scotland hundreds of miles from his home. A faithful and courageous Lassie decides to flee, realizing that she is giving herself up to chance. Believing her instincts, Lassie is looking for a way home, meeting on her way good and evil, and also finding true friends.

Famous novel

The story of Dodi Smith became known to the whole world. According to the book "One Hundred Dalmatian", the American company "Walt Disney" made a feature film, which for a long time held a leading position. The ribbon is still very popular with children. In addition, on the motives of the history, feature films and animated series were shot.

one hundred Dalmatian

History tells that two DalmatianDog Pongo and Mrs. go in search of their 15 puppies. The kids were stolen by the evil Cruella de Vil. Her plans are very insidious, so Pongo and Mrs. give up all their energy to look for puppies. The book tells that it was necessary to go through two dogs before they found their offspring. Also, the book clearly shows how human cruelty destroys everything around itself, transgressing any laws of morality. Interestingly, after the pair has found their babies, 101 Dalmatians return home. It turns out that Cruella abducted many animals, and they all lived in her house. That's how a new big and friendly family of Dalmatians was formed.

Stories from James Harriott

The best books about dogs can not be listed. These stories touch to the depths of the soul. For example, the work of James Harriott's "Dog stories". The author is an English writer and a practicing veterinarian, therefore in the stories there are always real facts and events. The book is very popular all over the world, so far it has a huge audience. Jam Harriot is especially popular in the CIS countries: the number of Russian-speaking fans is simply amazing.

dog stories

"Dog stories" is a collection of individualstories, which tells about the life of dogs, seasoned with subtle English humor. The book is considered an excellent textbook of kindness, love and compassion. Despite the fact that the work is focused on the youth audience, the book is very popular among adults. Some of its chapters can be found in other publications of the author ("On all creatures - large and small", etc.).

The best books about dogs should be read eachman, because they teach a lot. It is impossible to know the world in its entirety, if one does not understand animals. Leonardo da Vinci said that "hard to animals can not be kind." Many great minds of past centuries insisted that it is very important for a person to be friends and communicate with animals for their own development and the formation of a full-fledged picture of the universe.

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