Fun on a friend, or Funny and not insulting jokes

Most of the jokes that flooded Youtube are worncharacter of rough draws from the category "below the belt", completely not witty. For such fun in Russia, you can respond in such a "soothing way" that you will lose the desire to make fun of a friend forever.

It is absolutely unacceptable when a person lying onhalf blindfolded, to a sudden cry "Get up!", tries to get up and puts his face in the naked fillet part of the comrade sitting on top of him. This is no longer a joke, but a crude mockery of a man.

Ask yourself before you think of a funnyfriend, will he not offend him so much that you lose a friend? The more often you begin to think about what you are doing, the fewer mistakes you will make. They will stalk each other in a funny and not insulting form, you can arrange a small funny joke, but it's hard to think of a really clever and not offensive joke.

Jokes and practical jokes

Sense of humor - matter is thin, witare not all people, if someone swears and can loudly "neigh", this does not mean that he is a cheerful person. It is unlikely that a joke about a white back can cheer someone up. Laugh, while young, make fun of a friend, but fun and witty, and most importantly, do not be offended.

Who does not make fun of a youth over a friend orgirlfriend. Here is an example that allows you to play trick on the other, is very funny, when executed by the company. In this season the most difficult - is not to laugh and doterpet the final.

Preliminary "warming up" the company with talk aboutweddings and marriage, you need to say that you know the right fortune telling, to find out when and how well a girl will marry. Then follows the warning that it is necessary to execute to the end and by all rules.

One of the participants gives a match (it can be halfto break it), which must keep teeth. The match is inserted between the teeth, upper and lower, vertically, so that the jaw does not close and the mouth is open. Then the girl is told that you need to take yourself by the left ear with your right hand (or vice versa, not important) and screw up (close) the right (left) eye.

After that, if someone from those present canto pause in Homeric laughter, because the scene turns out very funny, you need to substitute a mirror for it so that she sees herself, and say: "Well, who will take such a fool?" If two or three girls can be seated in a row and perform the above actions, imagine what a funny picture will turn out.

Fun on the other at work: you can hide the shortcuts on your desktop computer in a folder, and in the folders in the Properties window, remove the Start button from the taskbar. If a friend is not in the subject, he will long and diligently harvest the "Start" and wonder where all the labels have gone. If you are an advanced user, you can organize a "blue screen of death" on your computer. While the comrade does not guess to press Esc, the monitor will remain blue. You can get a hold of a friend by gluing a small piece of paper to the mouse. Prikol is known to many, but if a friend runs to buy a new mouse - he just does not know.

You can invent funny nicknames for friendsor send a funny text message. For example, "Girl, stop shaking your hips, or I'm sick. Mobile phone". Write a humorous letter (but not about winning a million dollars, here already the Nigerians so much that they all surpassed and crossed the road), or draw a postcard (and if you can not, look in the cartoons on Yandex). Think of a funny congratulation for the anniversary, wedding, birthday and success in the company you provided.

In general, the trick on a friend in a fun company is notis offensive if a person is not humiliated and not offended by a gay, and not an evil joke. If it's a shame, friends understand that this is a joke and do not take offense for a long time, because they are happy with the heart and fun in the company of friends.

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