Leather wedding: how to celebrate such an important date?

Leather wedding - the first significant anniversarymatrimonial life, which means that the couple lived together for 3 years. And the skin was not accidentally chosen as a symbol of this date. The matter is that for three years the spouses managed to get along and adapt themselves to each other, or "build one skin". In addition, the skin is an elastic and durable material that can be stretched depending on the needs. However, with improper care, it can easily tear. So with the marriage life - the husband and wife are gradually accustomed to each other and their relationship is strong and strong, although due to certain circumstances may deteriorate.

How to prepare for a leather wedding? The 3-year anniversary, like any other important date, has its own ancient traditions, which must be adhered to. The celebration should come with family and close people. The house on this important day should shine with cleanliness - the mistress must necessarily wash the windows, dishes, mirrors, clean all corners.

Leather wedding is a kind of transition toanother level of relations. That is why first of all you need to free the house of all unnecessary things, then to be able to fill it with light and positive feelings. Throw away all the old things, all the trash, stuffed utensils, as well as those things that remind of something bad.

Spouses should also clean their souls. Forgive each other for the old grievances, ask forgiveness from those people who once insulted, erase from memory all the sad memories. Talk to each other frankly, tell all the secrets. Remember that starting from this day, you must start a completely new family life.

Leather wedding: how to celebrate? The 3-year anniversary is a celebration for close people, and you can celebrate it at home or at a restaurant. The main element of the decor on this day should, of course, be leather. Spouses should be dressed in leather clothes. For example, a beautiful skirt or trousers, as well as an elegant belt or purse, will perfectly suit your wife. As for the husband, his leather pants or jacket will be a perfect addition to the wife's side.

It is worth remembering also what is on the tablebe rusted with homemade bread, which the spouse must break at the beginning of the celebration. An inalienable attribute is also bread soup, which must be cooked on a meat broth with the addition of bread slices. And for dessert it is recommended to serve red and juicy apples, which symbolize friendship and mutual understanding not only of the spouses, but also of all those gathered. As for the decoration of the table itself, there are no special requirements. But it is desirable that in the middle of the table there was a bouquet of ripe wheat ears. If desired, the spouse can bake a few symbolic figures of domestic animals, and then lay them on the festive table as a sign of future prosperity and security.

And after dinner, it is necessary to arrange festive dances, and the first dance should belong only to young and in love spouses.

What to give for a three-year anniversary? Friendly congratulations with a leather wedding will bring great pleasure to the couple. But what a triumph without presents? And, of course, all small presents should be made from the skin.

In fact, the choice is simply huge, becauseGifts for a wedding wedding can be varied. This can be clothing, handbag, belt, cosmetic bag, purse, hat, keychain, briefcase or elegant jewelry. You can pay attention to more expensive and necessary gifts, for example, a leather sofa will become the treasure of any home.

You can not give jewelry or other items made from pearls - they can bring tears and grief to a young family.

Remember that a leather wedding is a very important milestone for couples. That is why on this day, give them their respect, attention, support and love.

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