How to write a nice SMS guy in your own words

Very often the weak half of our worldabsolutely does not represent how to get his own, but the heart is not stone and constantly requires love. When this situation arises, it is best to listen to the call of the heart, forget about pride and tell your beloved guy about your feelings. But in this case, there is another question: how to say warm words in an original way, so that he does not consider everything that happens to be banality? There are many ways, for example, to say directly in person or write. However, a bit of modernity should be added.

Twenty-first century in the yard. He gave all his innovative devices. Thus, you can write a nice SMS guy in your own words instead of a classic paper letter. After reading this, many girls will say that the method has become obsolete, or it is even worse than the classical letter, but this is far from the case. You really need to have the talent to write a worthy SMS guy. Pleasant words will not seem stupid or inappropriate. If everything is done right, the heart of a man simply melts.

nice sms guy in your own words

Which guys are appropriate to send such SMS

Ability to write beautiful and sensual SMScomes, alas, not all. But it can be developed at home, in order to write pleasant text messages. It should be noted that it does not really matter what kind of guy the message will be addressed to. It can be a loved one or a guy whose relationship is at the stage of flirting. In this SMS will be another positive point, which he will note for himself about this or that girl. In most cases, text messages help to establish contact between two people, as a result of which a real flame of love will break out between them.

sms nice guy

Psychology of messages

Before writing any messages,you should clearly know why and how to write them, so that nice and beautiful words for your guy sounded as confident and realistic as possible. The text of such messages, its structure and meaning will depend on the level of development of relations. If you do not take into account this factor, then the selected words for the message may sound trite or carry a meaning to which the guy is not yet ready. For example, you should not write too long messages, and even in verse, when the relationship has just moved from the friendship format to the "something more" sector. Neglect this condition is not necessary, because your messages, girls, can become intrusive.

nice and beautiful words for your boyfriend

What to write a guy in SMS so he was pleased

Imagine that you are already dating a guy. Such relationships imply knowledge of each other's habits and tastes. For example, if a guy loves Shakespeare's poetry, then a very beautiful gesture will be an oracle from some of his sonnets. But we are trying to find a way to express feelings in our own words. Therefore, you can take the same Shakespeare sonnet and try to do it in every possible way, and then send a guy to the SMS. Pleasant impressions of such a message will have simply an exceedingly high level. If there is no poetic talent, then this is also not a problem. You can pick up a lot of beautiful phrases to prose write a nice SMS guy in your own words.

the most pleasant words to the beloved guy man love sms

Do not write too much about feelings, and alsoDo not look for messages somewhere, for example, in SMS-boxes. The more individual SMS will be, the more pleasant it will be and the stronger the effect will be. For example: "My dear, dear, beloved! The only, irreplaceable! You're the best in the world! The coolest on this planet! "You can also pick up something sensual, for example:" I dream of touching your tender lips, of the sweet passion of your embrace, I want to cuddle up to your velvety skin ... "The content of the message should be short but not excessive . The word "conciseness" is more suitable. You can put a certain framework for yourself, in which you must meet. In this framework, you need to describe your feelings simply and without pathos.

Letters from the great people

Historically, the previousGenerations knew how to write beautifully about love in their letters. There are a lot of sources that give users the opportunity to read love letters of the past. Do not think that this approach will be old fashioned, on the contrary, it can be of great help in the process of creating the perfect letter, which will convey the most pleasant words to the beloved guy. A man's love SMS will always be pleasant, because they all need one that will admire and love, even staying at a distance. Therefore, do not hesitate to read the love prose of the past centuries, refer to this as an ordinary book. In addition to letters, you can use simple words of great people about love in SMS, for example: "There must be love in life - one great love in a lifetime, that justifies the wanton bouts of despair that we are exposed to." This saying was told by Albert Camus, but Tolstoy's saying: "Love is an invaluable gift. This is the only thing that we can give, and yet you still have it. "

Love lyrics

Pleasant SMS guy, in his words issued, -this is the best way to express your feelings. But to any sources from which you can draw such messages, you need to approach from the point of view of assistance, addition. They can be used, but not taken as a basis. The best way to express feelings is to write your own poem. At this moment, everyone will start talking about innate talent and other problems that, in our opinion, do not give them the opportunity to write their own verse. Absolutely all problems are fictitious. You should do your best - and then the words will fall on paper. Again, we should remember, we write SMS in our own words, so they may be imperfect, but this will not be a key factor.

that write a guy in sms so he was pleased


So, a nice SMS guy in his own words to writereally, you just need to make a little effort to consider the structure and content of the message. With this approach, the end result will be extremely positive, and your loved one is even more aware of the fact that he is simply a necessary attribute of your life.

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