Famous gay show business. Gays are show business stars

Today's people are more emancipated andtolerant, than it was a hundred years ago. It's all about changing the moral principles and foundations of not just every single family, but also society as a whole. Brag of tolerance for representatives of sexual minorities today, many can, so slowly gays start to emerge not only in America and Europe, but also in domestic show business.

gay show business

Where is the truth?

Find the list that lists all the gaysshow business, it's not so hard. However, it is important to think about where the truth is. After all, recently, public people no longer imagine how else you can get involved, and start inventing all sorts of stories about your person, including being a representative of a non-traditional orientation. Especially it concerns the stars of the stage and show business of the countries of the post-Soviet space. The "yellow press" and also the people are adding fuel to the fire, from time to time recording Vlad Topalov, Sergey Lazarev or Dima Bilan as boys, who can be remotely resembling the representatives of sexual minorities, in fact, such not being.

famous gay show business

Overseas gay men

They do not hide their gay orientation at allshow business in Europe and America. There, long ago, people ceased to discriminate against members of sexual minorities, completely leaving their life and views alone. So, the most famous gays are a married couple, Sir Elton John is a singer, and David Finish is a Canadian producer. However, in his youth, the singer was even married to a lady (marriage was made in 1984), but after he met his current wife in the early 1990s, he recognized himself as a homosexual and is completely happy to-day. Moreover, in the UK their marriage is officially concluded, and the couple is raising a son. For many, the fact that an open gay, and for a long time, already 20 years old, is an actor Sir Ian McKeilan, who already passed the seventh decade, will seem shocking to many. Simply put - Gandalf from the "Lord of the Rings". Back in 1988, in an interview, he announced his non-traditional orientation and in fact became the first open gay of Western show business. Once he talked about his addictions in the intimate sphere and the actor of the British theater and cinema Rupert Everett, which later regretted, tk. for a time was in creative isolation. He says that for the first guild of Hollywood actors to be gay is simply impossible, so most of the great actors of the world film business just keep silent about their unconventional sexual orientation.

gay show business stars

Gays are in fashion

For no one will be a secret that fashion isthe prerogative of women. Men are more reserved about their appearance, not having such an abundance of outfits. Therefore, all the great designers worked primarily for women, extolling and idolizing them. However, the paradox, most of them turned out to be gay. This group of people was Christian Dior - a man brought up in the best cultural traditions. Ever since childhood, the boy greatly adored his mother, that's why he became interested in fashion. And since she was an elegant woman, all the collections of Dior were aimed at emphasizing exactly this style in the lady. However, in his heart the famous couturier was deeply unhappy, because he turned out to be gay, and it was simply impossible to talk about at that time. In his life there were two lovers, but the master often fell in love, and the guys simply did not reciprocate him. He loved the guys and Pierre Cardin - a man who could break even into the closed Soviet market. His career in fashion was rapid, he gave women mini-skirts, black stockings and high boots, while being the opponent of unisex in the style of clothing. Gays of show business, namely the fashion world - this is also Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace, Carl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dolce and Stefano Gabanne.

gays in the show business of Russia

Domestic variety: gays or not?

It's no secret that there are also gays inshow business of Russia. However, it is rather difficult to find out who exactly belongs to the ranks of sexual minorities. So, one of the main gays for a long time considered the singer Shura. It's all about the manner of performing his songs, concert costumes. Much talk about this was also at a time when the singer for a long time disappeared from the radar of the press, being treated for alcohol and narcodependence. However, after his return, Shura introduced his bride to the public, and the journalists managed to find a woman who gave birth to a singer of two children. The same fate befell the king of glamor Sergei Zverev. For a long time he was recorded in gay Russian show business. However, this turned out to be untrue, as the singer himself said at the request of Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya. Recently dispelled the myth of his sexual orientation and Boris Moiseyev. A film appeared on the television screens, in which the singer openly says that it was all a crazy piear-move, which, however, helped him a lot. In fact, the singer is straight.

Sergey Penkin

Famous gay show business, who are they? Do not forget about Sergei Penkin, the singer and musician, who for a long time was ranked among the ranks of sexual minorities. He was born in an ordinary working family back in 1962, from the smallest age he sang in a church choir, studied at a music school. It will be interesting to see the fact that Sergei eleven (!) Once acted in Gnesinka, which he still graduated from the class of pop vocal. His voice is amazing in that it covers four octaves. The singer stood on stage with Victor Tsoi, Toto Cutneau and Sarah Brightman. A young man was always surrounded by a lot of rumors, but the most stable of them: Penkin - gay. The singer said this at the time: "I'm not very pleased when I am considered to be a group of people whom I really am not. I never allowed anyone to climb into my personal life! ". That's a pair of proposals, all the myths about his sexual orientation were dispelled.

gays in show business


No less famous gay show business - a group"Tattoo". Although to call girls gay is not correct, rather, lesbians. So in their time, a huge number of people thought. In fact, the girls, as it turned out - representatives of the most natural orientation, and the group and images - only a successful PR move, which, by the way, fell to taste not only domestic but also foreign audiences. It was confirmed by all the pregnancy and quite loud romances with famous guys of the Russian stage Yulia Volkova.

gays of Russian show business

Evgeny Mironov

What other show business stars are gays? As for the film industry, the representative of sexual minorities was a brave and handsome actor Yevgeny Mironov. By the way, he is also the head of the Theater of Nations. The fact that a man belongs to people of this narrow circle, confirms his close environment. Recently, there were active rumors that the man had a homosexual marriage with Sergei Astakhov, but this information was incorrect.

A few more men

What other men are gay? In show business abroad, it's actor John Travolta, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, actor and friend Leo DiCaprio Bradley Cooper (both actors, by the way, are called gays, but they are actively trying to refute this fact), the same goes for Hugh Jackman.

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