A languid look is ... What is a languid look? How to make it?

Tomorrow's view is, of course, a terrific epithetFor art works or description of a passionate adventure in the company of friends. Immediately remember romance novels and something like that. But in essence to the question of what a languid look means, not many can answer. That is why in this article we will try to find out what it is.

languid look it


According to Ozhegov, "languid" means "fulfilledlanguor, "while" languor "refers to the highest point of pleasant relaxation, both of which can often be found in poetic lyric opuses, and the verb" to languish "is often mentioned.

The word "languish" is ascribed to the followingdefinition - torture and suffering. But at the same time they are not synonyms, because "longing" is not only "torment," but also "tormenting the sweet," from "unfulfilled desires."

This all suggests that languor is a combination of incongruous - so to speak, sweet torment. How does this apply to the phrase "languid look"?

This look is tired, gentle, according to the etymologicalthe dictionary of authorship of Krylov. Why then is it so often used in conjunction with "sexual"? Of course, because here to the place to mention the secret desires, from the unfulfilledness of which, in fact, and "languish."

languid look of a man

Tomeness as a quality of personality

"A man's languid look will not leave any woman indifferent", - so they say. Apparently, "tired tenderness" penetrates into the hearts too much and leaves its mark there. Why does this happen?

Speaking of languor as a quality person, or ratherto designate it not as "flour", but as "the fullness of desires", because of which, in fact, man suffers. So, languid look is a look expressing desires, and not impudent impulses, but promising voluptuous bliss. Of course, such a languid look of a woman cherish in their dreams.

languid look of a woman

Tomeness can be a feature of "coming", that ismanifested only in certain moments, but it can also be a constant companion of a person's character. In this case, it is worth talking about it in a more generalized sense. Then a languid look is a look of fatigue or passion. You can not languish in a pleasant bliss, in the poem written by Lermontov Mtsyri, for example, felt this feeling from the illness, without any intimate connotation.

A languid look as an element of flirting

We all know how important the look is. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. They can not deceive. Therefore, they can be used to benefit themselves: coquette, for example, eyes "shoot" fervently, playfully, but if such a manner does not fit, there is still no reason to give up this nature.

Tomorrow's look is not just an element of flirting, it'salready half the house. With the help of it you can "bait" to yourself, seduce and charm. A languid look is the basis of a love game, through which the object of desire turns out to be in the absolute power of one who knew how to properly place traps.

How to make a languid look?

If, looking at such sexual patterns inmagazine, you think that they are some kind of special - this is not so. A luminous glance can make any person - there would be a desire. It simultaneously harbors sexual energy and charisma - qualities that are sometimes more important for attracting the opposite sex than the appearance, figure, color of hair and eyes. After all, sometimes with a glance one can achieve what can not be achieved with words.

what a languid look means

Therefore, in order to have a languid lookit is necessary to put emphasis on the inner state - to awaken confidence and passion in oneself, to feel the sweet languor and try to express it with your eyes. Exactly as a person can see when he experiences joy or despondency, although he, perhaps, does not want to show it at all, tired tenderness will also manifest itself.

If there is a desire to bring a languid look, thisthe seducer's weapon, up to the ideal, you can train in front of a mirror, controlling yourself and analyzing this or that facial expression with those or other feelings and / or emotions.


From the terminology it is clear that the languid view isthe visual manifestation of languor, which, in turn, means suffering. It is also important to find out that, although at present this definition is used to refer to unrequited passion, it is also originally explained as fatigue and torment, which are completely unrelated to love.

For those who want to learn the method of "languid look", there are also no barriers, only patience and diligence to achieve this goal.

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