Wedding traditions yesterday, today, tomorrow: how to bless the young?

Regardless of time and time, a wedding isa remarkable rite with its thousand-year history, traditions and a script of conducting. It should be noted that each nation has its own, special. We will ask how it is customary in Orthodoxy.

Rite of blessing

how to bless the young
The very word "blessing" refers tomultivalued vocabulary, but one of its main, primary meanings sounds like "glorifying someone or something, exaltation." In other words, this is a wish for success, luck, happiness, the ability to fulfill what has been planned, and so on. If this term is applied to the groom with the bride, then for them, blessing means the desire to create a united family, to live in joy and love, understanding, loyalty and prosperity. "And how do you bless the young," you ask? Differently.

If we turn to history, then the action took placein this way. After the matchmaking and betrothal, when the young man and the girl announced their desire to create a family, the parents in agreement signed them with the sign of the cross, kissed on the forehead, congratulated. The young either knelt or bowed low. The ceremony could be performed by the father and mother on both sides or with one.

How do you bless young people if there are no parents? Then the mission is assigned to the elders in the family: the grandfather with the grandmother, the aunt or uncle, the brother, the sister. Finally, to give a farewell to a new family life have the right to the future god-wives. Important nuance: for the performance of the action the betrothed must necessarily be baptized. If the dedication to God from one of them was not, it must be passed. When and how are the young ones blessed?

The second parting is the bridegroom with the bride in front ofthe way to go to the registrar's office. Before this legal formality became strictly binding, there was a consecration of marriage in the church. When the young were to go to the crown, before leaving the house, they again received the blessing of family icons or images, bought especially for this occasion. Icons were then given to a young couple to protect their peace and happiness. The bride and groom three times with a cross sign with special prayers and kind wishes.

which icon blesses the young
And, finally, how to bless the young in the thirdtime? Tradition says that this is done after the wedding (painting), when young officially received the status of a young family. Before entering the house where the wedding will be celebrated, parents meet them with bread and salt, icons, say wishes and parting words. The word is kept by the father of the newlyweds, the breads by his mother. Young congratulate, baptize and kiss. Those in return thank and promise to honor the elders and build a happy family home. Of course, even in the first quarter of the 20th century, the rite was actual and compulsory. Modern young people often do without it. Or observe the formal side of the ritual. But there are many couples that give him a really great value.

Icons for Blessing

how to bless the young
What icon blesses the young? The question is rather subtle. First, as already mentioned, it can be a family image, passed from generation to generation just at such a rite. Such images, already namolennye, have a strong positive energy, especially if the marriage of the parents of the current young, their grandfathers and grandmothers, etc. was successful, long and happy. And they will become good protectors for a new young family. Secondly, an image of Peter and Fevronia of Murom can become such an icon - the saints recognized as the guardians of the family hearth by the church. It is also customary to bless icons with God's Mother and Savior - male and female. The image of Nicholas the Miracle-Worker is also suitable. And the last subtlety about how to bless the young is right. Icons are taken to the church (or registry office), then hung in the red corner of one of the rooms of the house where the young people settle.

To observe or not to follow tradition is a personal matterevery young family. But if you want to receive a completely sincere message of happiness, to live a long life together in joy - better let the blessing of the parental and God be with you!

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