We make sentences with the word "piano"

In educational institutions special attention is paid tothe development of oratory skills, the ability to competently negotiate and simply coherently and beautifully express their thoughts. One of the simplest exercises is the preparation of proposals with a word. Let's try, for example, to come up with a sentence with the word "piano" (an inanimate masculine noun).

Ro-yal: lexical meaning

Ro-yal is a kind of keyboard musical instrument. One of the varieties of pianoforte.

Suggestion with the word piano

Suggestions with the word "grand piano"

With the meaning of the noun everything is clear, but to consolidate knowledge in practice, we will make several proposals with it:

  • Come on, musician, do not pity your piano, let the music play louder on the strings of lost souls.
  • The piano lonely stands on the once beautiful scene, broken as a result of the last bombing.
  • In our music school there are violins, drums, cello, clarinet, saxophone and several guitars, even a harpsichord, but there is no piano and never was.
  • The musician put on a black concert dress coat, prayed and walked slowly to the piano.
  • There is not a soul in the whole house, but Ekaterina Vasilievna has already got used to this silence and talked to the piano and other instruments, as if they were living beings.
  • On the house Kiryushka asked to come up with three sentences with the word "piano".
  • About his piano Stanislav Vyacheslavovich speaks with respect and reverential awe.

Suggestions with the word "piano" and the verb in the past tense

A little complicate the task. We will compose sentences with the word "piano" and the verb in the past tense:

Suggestions with the word piano and the verb in the past tense

  1. The piano has always been a favorite instrument of this discerning audience.
  2. Marina has never seen grand pianos of this bright crimson color.
  3. A little boy of four or five hid behind the piano, he looked frightened from behind him and looked around, but did not cry.
  4. Constantine never liked either pianos or pianists.
  5. Pupils of the eighth grade of secondary school were offered to come up with phrases and sentences with the word "piano".
  6. Sergei Antonovich Potapkin was for some reason dissatisfied with the piano and was going to buy a new one, although for many years the old one served him faithfully.
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