Suggestions with the word "charity" and other exercises

To better remember the spelling of difficult words, you should perform as many different exercises for their assimilation and fixing. For example, you can read and write sentences with words.

In the word "blah-yo-tv-rt-tel-nost" mistakes are made not only by junior and middle schoolchildren, but also by adults.

Make as many proposals as possible with the word "charity"

Exercise not only helps to remember the spelling, but also promotes the development of literate, coherent speech.

sentences with the word charity

For example:

  • Anna Vyacheslavovna very much would like to do charity, but she barely makes ends meet.
  • What is true charity and how is it different from sponsorship?
  • A retired lieutenant colonel spent all of the unexpectedly inherited inheritance on charity.
  • Our organization is not engaged in charity.
  • Charity is providing gratuitous material assistance to those in need.
  • In the charity of this citizen I do not need, even dying of hunger, I will not take a penny from him.
  • The tenth part of the proceeds goes to charity.
  • Children, make proposals with the word "charity."
  • Who from the famous fairy-tale characters was engaged in charity?
  • Charity does not wait for gratitude.
  • Charity is not a duty, but a good will.

Find the words that are hidden in the big word

This task seems to someone not so serious,as the preparation of proposals with the word "charity", but it can be used in open lessons and extra-curricular activities, in various competitions and quizzes.

Answer: good, ball, God, boron, brother, swearing, brow, brig, razor, bit, bandage, run, dough, chest, doe, forehead, league, liter, leaf, leaf, summer, laziness, forest, flattery, speaking, mountain, guest, handful, death, face, coffin, grotto, mushroom, camp, toast, torba, spruce, turn, etc.

Read the sentence with the word "charity" and ask questions about it

Want to raise a good speaker - ask the child to perform this exercise. And do it better at speed: the faster, the better.

  • Some people are engaged in charity is not from good selfless inner motives, but to create and maintain an image and good reputation.

Write sentences with words

  • Do all people do charity for good, good intentions?
  • Why do people do charity?
  • What is the name of gratuitous material aid?
  • Are evil people engaged in charity?
  • What helps some citizens to maintain a good reputation?
  • Does charitable activity help correct a negative opinion about a person?
  • How does helping the needy influence the creation of the image?
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