Research of management systems

Management is successful only whenits constant and continuous development is ensured, when changes are introduced that ensure not only the viability of the organization, but also the accumulation of the potential of innovation. The development of such a process is helped by the study of control systems. As a result of such a study, the most effective options for building management systems are developed and proposed.

If you rely only on experience, common sense andintuition, it is impossible to make the right decisions. For proper management and decision-making, there is a need to investigate the situations, conditions, problems and performance factors of a managed organization, and a sound choice of solutions from the whole possible number of options is needed.

Therefore, a comprehensive study of systemsmanagement helps to determine the right direction of development of the organization. In the constant development of each organization, this process consists of solving a lot of problems that follow one after another, possibly arise together. This sometimes happens unexpectedly, acute moments often do not leave time to think about situations. If decisions are not made in time, then for the organization it can turn into a crisis.

Therefore, it is necessary to study systemsmanagement, which helps to manage with high quality management decisions. The essence of this research is to recognize problems and problem situations, and then to determine their place in the general system of accumulated knowledge. Then you need to identify the content, properties and patterns of behavior and their development.

After such an analysis, the study of systemsmanagement finds ways, possibilities and means for using already new knowledge about the object of research in the practice of solving emerging problems. Each research has a purpose, object and subject of research, organization and methodology of its conduct, the results obtained, which should be possible for their practical implementation.

Research of control systems can not be carried outseparate from the control object. Therefore, along with the management system, the managed system (corporation, association, firm, enterprise, etc.) is also an object. The fundamental element in the research process is a person, since it is his activity that determines the existence and further development of this system.

The most complete is the objective andparametric study of control systems, as it considers all possible objects and their interaction. The subjects and parameters of control systems become for the researcher an aspect of the manifestation of the essence of this control system. Usually, there are tendencies and problems arising in the course of the enterprise activity.

Problems are usually some realcontradictions that need to be resolved. It can be problems in the organization of management, mechanisms of motivation, professionalism of the personnel, use of computer technologies and so on. As a rule, as a result of the research, practical results arise. These can be recommendations on the necessary changes in some aspects of the functioning of the management system, on improving the quality and improving the practical work of all personnel and the manager.

Recommendations can be economic,socio-psychological, organizational content. They can relate to different areas: motivation for management, information support, changes in working conditions, quality of activity, competitiveness, main development trends and additional development factors.

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