The economic effect as a positive component of the dynamics in the economy

All economic processes are interconnected,mobility and contradictions. The optimal measure of the mutual actions between them is balance (balance). But the goal of the economy is to ensure that this balance is accompanied by an economic effect.

Discussion of this problem is taking place todaykey place. The economic effect in itself is seen as the main goal in the economy: thanks to it, there is an increase in material abundance, easing the issue with limited resources, solving social and economic problems inside and outside the country.

In general, the economic effect is a certain dynamics of quantitative increase and qualitative improvement of production results, as well as productivity.

To measure it, use the following methods:

- calculation of the economic effect due to gross national product - by how much it increased over a certain period of time;

- Counting the annual rate of growth and growth of gross domestic product or real national income.

economic effect

The economic effect is positivecomponent of the dynamics in the economy. He gives an idea of ​​the speed of development of economic processes in the country. To improve the welfare of society, it is necessary that economic growth occurs faster than population growth.

To characterize the economic effect, a number of indicators are used, which measure the effectiveness of changes in certain factors of production.

calculation of economic effect

First of all, it is labor productivity(the ratio of output to cost), as well as its inverse measure - the labor intensity of products. It also includes the productivity of capital (the ratio of output to capital employed) and capital intensity; productivity of natural resources and resource intensity. And, finally, capital-labor ratio (the ratio of capitol costs to labor costs).

The economic effect is the most important direction of economic policy. The following tasks are solved here:

- the most complete use of resources;

- preventing or eliminating deviations from economic stability in order to make this process sustainable;

- the introduction of restrictions of a social or economic nature in the event of harm to the public interest.

economic effect and cost-effectiveness

Economic effect and economicefficiency help to solve the problem of sustainable growth of modern economy. In order to implement its painless development, it is important to identify several areas that will give a safe and permanent character. For example, they are:

- increase in the efficiency of production, which allows to timely solve emerging problems;

- harmonious development of public interests in order to prevent social conflicts;

- creating conditions for balanced economic growth, etc.

It should be remembered that the current highly developed market is able to solve both the problem of increasing the well-being of the population, the issue of development in enterprises, and the environmental issue.

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