Why do we need a liability matrix?

The project activity allows the mostefficiently operate with the ratio of available resources, time and quality of the final product. With the help of competent planning, it is possible to timely implement corrective management actions at any moment at each stage of the project life cycle. Using the appropriate methodology makes it possible to calculate in advance the full cost of manufacturing technical documentation, the average duration of implementation, identify responsible persons at each stage (OBS structure, RAM matrix). It is important to plan the full list of works (to build the WBS-project basis) and the sequence of their execution (depict PDM-network) correctly. It is necessary to identify in advance a chain of tasks, the course of which should be most closely monitored. Since they do not have a reserve, the total duration of their implementation determines the total duration of the project (by the critical path method).

liability matrix

A significant facilitation of management is facilitated bysuch a tool as a liability matrix (or line chart). It is built on the basis of a previously developed WBS structure (a hierarchical basis for the work being done) and an OBS structure (organizational design by performers). It is used to implement guiding influences by introducing the principle of responsibility (Principle Responsibility).

It is necessary to personalize the relevantspecialists each of the tasks contained in the program. For the project, a matrix of responsibility is created - this is a mapping of the planned connections (most often - graphic). It is depicted in the form of a table based on the basis of the relations of the WBS- and OBS-structures. Then the first is represented as the vertical rows of the matrix, and the second is represented by the horizontal columns. For each WBS-element, an employee is identified, which will coordinate its execution. At the intersection of the two components, put the appropriate sign.

project liability matrix

The responsibility matrix, if it is composedcorrectly, should give an idea of ​​who is leading the execution of each link in the hierarchical structure of the lower level. For execution of one of the WBS-elements can only meet one person. But the course of several components at once can be controlled by a single person.

the responsibility matrix is
RAM - this is the matrixResponsibility assignment matrix - distribution of reporting and responsibilities in the form of a table. For a well-organized program, the rule must be followed, so that the fulfillment of any goal is controlled by a certain governing body. For example, the project manager - a mission (all tasks), responsible executors - individual elements, etc. In fact, in this way a tree of goals is built. It must correspond to the order of division of the structure, which is entrusted with the implementation of the idea. Functional duties of all persons involved in the planned work, determines the matrix of responsibility. It serves to specify the set of tasks, and for their execution people report personally.

Special software allowsfacilitate the preparation of projects. With its help, it is much faster to compile WBS- and OBS-structures, lists of works with the organization for phases and control. The same RAM responsibility matrix is ​​created, but in a more detailed form. Thus, without unnecessary effort, you can obtain the necessary tables in the corresponding software packages. And also, if necessary, quickly change any data on the project, while simultaneously receiving their updated graphical display.

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