SWOT Analysis Matrix

One of the most popular toolsA comprehensive assessment of the firm's condition is the SWOT matrix. It is often compiled in various business plans, investment projects and marketing programs. The data obtained as a result of its analysis serve as a starting point for setting strategic goals for the company.

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The SWOT matrix has become popular because,that it quickly and visually allows you to assess what place the company occupies in the current market conditions, what factors most influence its profit, what prospects await it in the future. However, for the correct use of this tool does not necessarily have to be a graduate economist or marketer. The main thing in the analysis is not the "crust" of the diploma, but the ability to objectively look at the organization, the ability to think logically and look at problems without any prejudice and personal interest.

SWOT-matrix: what it is itself

First, we will decipher the abbreviated name of thismethods. This is an acronym for English words: strength, strength, weakness, opportuni- ties (convenient cases, opportunities) and threats (translated as a threat).

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The SWOT matrix is ​​a square,divided into four equal parts, each of which contains its own list and is responsible for a certain group of the above factors. At the same time, the "S" and "W" sectors characterize the state of the firm, and the "O" and "T" sectors contain external factors independent of the firm's performance, but directly affecting or capable of affecting its activities.

SWOT Analysis Matrix: an example of construction

Suppose there is a company LLC"Pie", which has been operating for 10 years in the Russian market and produces confectionery. The company has only one owner and a good reputation. In the simplest form, the table for analysis can look like this.


  1. Own service center.
  2. A new top sales manager, who increased sales by 40% in the last six months.
  3. Excellent credit history.
  4. Creating 2 months ago the marketing department.
  5. Positive image.


  1. Shortage of working capital.
  2. Problems with quality (sometimes it is below average).
  3. Increase in staff turnover (over the last 3 months - 10%).
  4. Constant conflicts between the purchasing department (old boss) and the sales department (new).


  1. Implementation of CRM.
  2. Creation of new trade marks.
  3. Reduced service time and improved service.
  4. Receiving discounts from regular suppliers.


  1. Rumors about changes in suppliers' policies.
  2. Variable rate of the dollar.
  3. The emergence of a new, gaining popularity, a competitor.

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Versatile tool

The SWOT matrix is ​​quite convenient and versatile,to apply it in your daily life. After analyzing all the factors, you can better understand how to move forward in terms of career, improve your life and become happier. With its help you can solve many worldly problems, find the best and most adequate way out of the impasse. Try it yourself - and you will see how useful it can be. One of the key advantages of the matrix is ​​the concentration on the main. This helps to clearly see the whole picture and outline the nearest goals in your life.

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