Frozen Russian is a flower

What does the hazel grouse Russian look like? Photo and description can be found in this article. It's not a bird, it's a flower. It occurs in nature, and also grows on household plots. A total of 150 species of this plant are known, but the article will deal only with one of them. This hazel grouse is Russian. In Latin these flowers are called freeillaria, which means "a glass for throwing out dice", they got it due to their shape.

hazel hen Russian


A hazelnut Russian is a plant that has a whorledthe arrangement of the leaves, and also the fact that the tip of the upper leaves is thin and twisted in the form of antennae. These are functional devices. So hazel grouse Russian helps himself to keep the weight of large flowers and fruits - a box, clinging to a number of standing plants. On one stem, reaching a height of 40 centimeters, grows from 11 to 19 leaves, having a linear, pointed form. The plant gives from 1 to 4 pieces. They have a bell, turned upside down by a wide side. Perianth has a brownish-purple color. The hazelnut Russian, whose photo is presented in this article, is an onion plant. Its bulb is not large, about 1 cm in diameter, consisting of a bottom, two scaly scales and one storing.

Help to save

A beautiful flower is often dug up by people toto plant near their houses, also tear it to make beautiful bouquets. He also dies during the plowing of lands. However, this attitude created the danger of destruction for this plant. In this article you will see what the hazel grouse is Russian, photo and description. The Red Book, on whose pages it is already listed, warns that the destruction of it leads to punishment in the form of a fine. Therefore, we all need to remember how it looks so as not to harm nature inadvertently. It will be even better if you tell your friends and acquaintances that there is such a flower - hazel grouse Russian, a photo of it will show that as many people as possible get important information about the disappearing species of plants.

hazel grouse russian picture

How to help the flowers

It is interesting that one of the measures to preserve thisspecies, is its cultivation. Gardeners love grouse for their decorative appearance. So why do not they put the Russian on their plots. Many do so, taking away from their natural habitat. The problem is that the annoying plants are destroyed, which also aggravates the problem of the extinction of this species. Therefore, it is better to plant it in urban gardens and parks, controlling its location and ensuring safety. Other measures to save Russian hazel grouse are the detection of places of its growth and their protection from any kind of human impact. In such plots, plowing, grazing, harvesting of plants are prohibited. Also, Russian hazel grouse is grown specially and planted in natural habitats.

Loved space

And this flower prefers fertile soils,enriched with humus. Sometimes it grows on chalky and calcareous substrates, and also on leached chernozem. Its neighbors can be steppe grasses, shrubs, broadleaf forests, oak forests, pine trees, or it can grow on its own on stony slopes. Hazel grouse is widespread in many areas of our country, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

hazel grouse russian picture and description

Flower Hero

The Russian hazel grouse is an instructive herohistory, which is passed from mouth to mouth in the Volga villages. It refers to a country boy who was able to escape death, thanks to this flower. Everything happened in the forest when the children went there to play. One of them decided to scare friends and hid from them. The bottom of the ravine seemed to be the most suitable place for this. He lingered there for a long time, until his comrades went away to seek him elsewhere. Then the boy gathered to get out of the ravine, but could not - very deeply. He shouted for a long time and called his friends. But he could not reach me. Then he despaired and began to cry for fear that now he could never be found.

There is an exit

On the slope of the ravine he saw a flower clingingantennae for the stems of neighboring plants. Looked at the boy and decided to act just like him. And this flower was called the Russian hazel grouse. Slowly, clutching at the roots of trees, bush branches and grass, the boy climbed out of the ravine. But then his strength left, and he fell unconscious. However, this story ended well. Friends did not leave him in trouble, they called for help of adults and with their help found a boy.

hazel grouse russian picture and description red book

So let's be careful about nature and notwe will destroy plants, even for the sake of decorating their bouquets. Let them grow better in their natural habitat, please us with their beauty and, perhaps, save someone's life, as once a Russian hazel grouse did.

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