Valery Korovin: biography and photos

In his incomplete forty years he became famous onthe whole country thanks to his patriotic views and ideas, which are directly reflected in his profession. And it is connected with such spheres as journalism, political science and public activity. In addition, this person heads the Center for Political Expertise, participates in the affairs of the Public Chamber of Russia, "manages" the Eurasian Youth Union, works as the chief editor of the Internet portal "Eurasia" and is part of the Izborsk club. Who is he? Activist Valery Korovin.

According to colleagues, he, indeed, a lottime, gives social and political work and through his books brings to the vast readership of Russia the ideas of conservatism, archaism, Eurasianism and patriotism.

Valery Korovin

Even in a difficult period of history, which occurredto the "dashing 90s", when the ideas of "love for the Motherland" were everywhere trampled down, and their importance was reduced to zero, Valery Korovin did not lose hope of reviving the former grandeur of his native country and in the conditions of popularizing the ideas of separatism he tried to help the "Russian people" "Rise from the ashes." He was always concerned with the fate of the country, which for many centuries personified Russian civilization. In a difficult time for the country, when the White House was shot in autumn, Valery Korovin was one of the first to defend the patriotic interests of the country.

Guy from a distant province

He is a native of Vladivostok. Valery Korovin was born on May 31, 1977. In his hometown, the future activist will receive a certificate of maturity, after which he will go to the capital to build a university. But soon the young man woke up interest in the socio-political life of the country.


In 1995, Korovin Valery Mikhailovich will join the ranks of the National Bolshevik Party (NBP).

Korovin Valery

This structure was just created by a political scientistAlexander Dugin, the writer Eduard Limonov and musician Yegor Letov. Together with Korovin, famous and public people-literary critic Alexander Dementyev, artist Mikhail Roshnyak, lawyer Taras Rabko, became popular figures in the party. After a while, Valeriy's party career went uphill: he was appointed to lead the "NB-cell No. 1". Kaverin stands for the fact that the party celebrated the feast that he invented-the Day of the Russian Nation. Soon he becomes a member of the Political Council of the NBP. However, in 1998 the party split, as a result of which many public people stopped membership in it. In particular, Alexander Dugin did not like that the NBP in the person of Limonov does not have a clear ideology, so he decided to leave his offspring. In response to the criticism of Comrade Eduard Veniaminovich, he stated that the party does not need ideology, but specific actions.

"New University" and other projects

The example of Dugin was followed by Korovin Valery. Together they create the "New University" project, where Alexander Gel'evich is giving his lectures on political science. A young man will become a graduate of this university in the summer of 1999.

Korovin Valery Mikhailovich

After some time Korovin Valery Mikhailovichwill be carried away by work in the newspaper "Eurasian intrusion". First he will deal with the publication of the insert of this periodical, and then become its leader. But Valery's sphere of professional interests will not end with this. The young man gets acquainted with the publicist Natalia Melentyeva, and she offers him to work as an analyst in the company "Russian gold". He agrees.

Work with Dugin continues ...

At the beginning of the zero with a former party counterpartAlexander Gelievich Valery Korovin, whose biography is not devoid of interesting and noteworthy facts, decides to establish a public movement of the left-democratic kind called "Russia." The head of this structure is ex-speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev. Soon the constituent congress of "Russia" is planned, and Korovin considers his presence on it mandatory.

The Eurasia Project

A few months later Valery Mikhailovich will beto establish another socio-political movement called "Eurasia." But in the future, the OPD was reformed into a party. In 2002, the activist will become a member of the governing bodies of the political structure of Eurasia. In this game Korovin personally supervised the work of the information and analytical department and the press service.

Valery Korovin Director of the Center for Political Expertise

Further, Vladimir Mikhailovich was engaged in publishingthe newspaper "Eurasian Review". And again the structure of "Eurasia" will be reformed. Now it will be called the "Eurasian Movement". In 2003, the activist will become a member of the governing body of the Eurasian Movement, which will already work in an international format. After some time, Korovin will "manage" the Internet portal "".

In the middle of the zero, Vladimir Mikhailovich establishes andwill head the Eurasian Youth Union (ECM). He will also publish the periodical "Eurasian Movement". However, in 2011, the activist will remove the authority of the head of the ECM.

Professional interests are expanding

But he will be at the helm of another institution - the "Centergeopolitical expertise ". At the beginning of the tenths, the activist will be seriously carried away by the work in the project "SKFO News". He will often visit the republics of the North Caucasus in order to study in detail the geopolitical situation that has developed in these regions.

Books by Valery Korovin

In autumn 2015 Valery Korovin (Director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise) took part in the practical conference "Donbass in the Eurasian Project".


An activist from Vladivostok became famous both as a writerarticles, in which he, guided by the principles of traditionalism, creates serious geopolitical doctrines. Valery Korovin's books are of great interest for modern political scientists, in many respects they agree with his interpretation of the events that have been happening in the world recently. Let's take a look at a brief summary of some of the activist's journalistic works.

"End of the project Ukraine"

It is not difficult to guess that this material is devoted toUkrainian problems. Korovin considers it an "artificial" product, which was created by the "leader of the world proletariat" Ulyanov-Lenin. According to the author, the fraternal country with Russia has not been able to become a sovereign state since the beginning of the 1990s. European countries perceive it as a pauper country, with a low level of civilization. For Russia, though it is native, it is Russophobic, fascist and over-infected with ideas to join the EU collective.

Korovin Valeri Vladimirovich Polygraph

And to achieve this goal, it is ready to becomea puppet in the hands of the world gendarme in the face of the United States. Today, the standard of living of ordinary Ukrainians leaves much to be desired: their fate depends on "temporary workers" who plunder the country and make the people poor. They, in the opinion of the author, need to be "brought to the surface", as they hide behind the ideas of democracy and declare slogans that they can make Ukraine a prosperous country. In this issue, of course, could help the namesake of the activist - KGB officer Korovin Valery. He used the polygraph in order to expose the criminals-liars. In a word, the current junta will lead Ukraine to collapse.

"The Strike in Russia: Geopolitics and a Presentiment of War"

This is another book by Korovin, which causedhuge interest of the Russian public. On her pages the author poses a problem for readers, which has been discussed by all for a long time: in what direction is Russia moving? What are the values ​​to choose as a basis: orient yourself to Western European countries or go your own way?

Valery Korovin biography

Valery Korovin writes that the country is on the edgeabyss: it may lose its independence and identity, which is confirmed by the foreign policy course of the US and the EU. Claiming for the role of the hegemon, America will go all the way to the borders of Russia. In many ways, because of this, the States unleashed wars in the Middle East. In other words, the probability of war, according to Valery Mikhailovich, is very high. Will the forecast of Korovin come true? Time will tell.

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