Automated control in technical systems

At the present stage of development in the industrialproduction there is a transition to advanced technologies, as well as the desire to achieve positive characteristics in the operation of the existing and project equipment. Management in technical systems involves minimizing any production losses.

This is possible with a significant increase in the quality of management due to the wide use of automated systems in technical production.

The prerequisites for their creation are:

- increase in the scale of production;

- growth of productive factors of equipment;

- the emergence of industries and installations that function in critical regimes;

- strengthening of links between some parts of the technological process.

control in technical systems

Management in technical systems shouldto realize significant potential production reserves. The technical base in production is currently used to improve efficiency through the management of the organization and production technology. In this regard, the main task is to search for optimal control of all technological processes. Therefore, it is necessary to develop automated control systems.

But it should be noted that to solve thistasks need to involve significant and increasing labor, material and financial resources. The technical support of the personnel management system consists in finding qualified employees capable of supporting the technical base in the production.

The capitalinvestments, to choose the right directions, to establish the order and rational scope of work. Management in technical systems arises together with the emergence of material production, and hence processes that are aimed at the transformation of energy or matter.

management and informatics in technical systems

As production becomes more complex, an exactand advanced management. In these conditions, there is a limitation in the abilities of a person, since it is impossible to evaluate the production process "by eye", so that this does not lead to undesirable consequences. In these people, special regulators help to free themselves from minute decisions.

Management and informatics in technical systems is a process of control over complex objects, as well as their algorithmic, informational, hardware and software design and support.

In order to understand what a difficult task isbefore each operator, it must be taken into account that it must approach the process of controlling automated systems as a whole, and not as a clump of independent elements.

technical support of the personnel management system

Management in technical systems - verylaborious process, as it involves many people. This is due to the use of large systems that are characterized by the availability of various devices and machines, as well as a hierarchical production system: installation - execution - enterprise.

Automated systems help to freeman from the performance of uncreative work, which is associated with the fulfillment of a multitude of monotonous tasks, but to give vent to creative activity - making decisions on the conduct of the process.

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