Francesco Lentini, a man with three legs (photo)

Sometimes nature can play with a person angrya joke. History knows a lot of situations when a person was born "not like everyone else." Often you can meet people on the street with slow growth, weak mental development, a lot of hair on the face, etc. It often happens that the life of such people is unhappy, but one person has become the complete opposite of the disabled. Known to the whole world was Francesco Lentini, who was born not with two but with three legs. It is necessary to find out why Frank was born with three legs, and find out how he could live with such a deviation.

Francesco Lentini - a man with three legs (born in 1889, Sicily). Why was Frank born with three legs?

Francesco Lentini (1889-1966 gg.) - a man who had three legs. The man was born in Sicily and was the twelfth child in his family. It must be said that the twin Francesco was inferiorly formed and turned out to be connected with his brother's backbone. In this regard, Lentini was born not with two, but with three legs. However, this was not the only deviation of the boy. Francesco had two sets of genitals, in total sixteen toes on his legs, and there was another rudimentary leg that was moving away from the knee of his third leg. However, it was very poorly developed, and Frank was considered to be three-legged.

Undoubtedly, the boy's parents wantedFrancesco Lentini grew up a normal and full-fledged child, insisting on an operation to divide the twin brothers. However, doctors refused this idea, because they feared for the boy's life. After the operation, Frank's spine could be paralyzed.

francesco lentini

Childhood of a boy in a shelter for children with disabilities

The boy's childhood was very difficult. His parents did not want to put up with the fact that their child was disabled, and abandoned Frank. For a short time after that he lived with his aunt, but soon she also did not want to bring up the "freak" and gave it to the orphanage for children with disabilities.

Frank hated himself, he was very unhappy with that,that he had extra limbs. However, at the orphanage, he changed his mind about his body, because he saw a huge number of children who, on the contrary, lacked some organs.

Frank himself shared that he saw both blind children and those who could not move, etc. After that, he realized that his fate was not so bad as he felt before the orphanage.

It was the orphanage that gave him the opportunityfeel like a man like everyone else. He wanted to learn how to play football, jump on a rope, ride a bicycle like all normal children. And soon he realized his dreams and desires.

francesco lentini 1889 1966

Emigration to the United States. Work in the circus

When the boy was 8 years old, he emigrated toThe United States, like many Sicilians at the time. When Frank grew up, he wanted to get into a circus, and soon he began to work there. The most popular was the number with a third ball stuffed with a soccer ball.

How did a man with three legs become famous and respected?

It is worth saying that the audience was delighted andloved to watch, when Francesco Lentini walked on his two legs, and at this time the third leg was typing the ball. He became very famous, and over time the fact of a physical anomaly began to recede into the background. The audience wanted to see the spectacle and came to the circus to look at the "three-legged freak". However, most attention was paid not to his disability and other deviations, but to how agile Francesco Lentini was. The audience began to notice that Frank is a good person who has an amazing sense of humor. With Frank, there was always something to talk about, and many considered him an excellent companion. He often joked, but despite this, a man with three legs was very noble, as well as wise.

lentini francesco photo

It is also important that Francesco's physical abilities were no different from those of an ordinary man with two legs. Frank was able to ride a horse, run, jump, ride a car, etc.

Lentini loved to joke and did italmost constantly. Frank was often asked how he could find shoes for himself. Then he replied that he always gets 2 pairs of shoes, and gives an extra pair to his friend with one foot.

A successful and respected person with a disabilitycould become exactly Lentini Francesco. A photo of a man with three legs causes emotions in many people, but he was able to prove that an "extra" limb does not make him "not so" as healthy people.

francesco lentini man with three legs

Personal life of Frank

Despite the fact that Francesco was "not like everyone else", he found his love and soon got married. It is worth noting that Teresa Murray gave birth to Lentini four children who were absolutely healthy.

A successful career of a man with three legs

The career of a three-legged man lasted more than fortyyears. In his entire life, Lentini performed in almost all the main and most popular circuses in the US at the time. He was able to win the appreciation of the public, who was a favorite.

It is worth saying that a man with three legscontinued to tour until his death, since he really liked his work. Frank loved to bring joy and positive emotions to all who came to his performances.

francesco lentini man with three legs 1889 g sicily

Francesco Lentini is a man with three legs,who was able to conquer the public and become a respected person. It is worth saying that all the colleagues respected him and called him "king" behind his back. Many of those who were personally acquainted with Frank, noted that he had an amazing sense of humor, was a very wise and talented person, and also could always cheer his interlocutor. Despite the deviations, because of which a parent with three legs refused, he was able to become a famous artist and earned the respect of the public. Many admired his perseverance and dedication. Francesco did not give up and continued to live as a normal full-fledged person.

It is worth mentioning that he managed to proveall that the recipe for happiness is not how much the person has legs, but is solely in his head. He showed his example to many people with disabilities that they can all live as healthy, full-fledged citizens, and even better.

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