Chain with a pendant - a favorite decoration

Pendant is a kind of suspension. It is worn on a cord or on a chain. In principle, the suspension is no different. It is made of precious and non-precious metals, can have inserts from precious or ornamental stones. It can be made, including, glass (Murano), leather, bone.


Where are the pendants?

Unlike the suspension, which can be attached toa bracelet on your arm or leg, make a piercing with it, a chain with a pendant is designed only for wearing around your neck. Therefore, you need to know a few simple rules on how to put them on correctly. It all depends on the length of the chain. If it is great, then the chain with the pendant will lie on the chest and emphasize the beauty of the bust.

gold chain with pendant
On a shorter chain, the pendant attractsattention to a beautiful neckline or a lovely neck. If the chain with the pendant falls below five centimeters from the collarbone, it visually lengthens the neck. The pendant lying between the collarbones emphasizes the perfection of its form. For a long graceful neck, a short chain with a pendant is suitable.

Choosing the Right Chain

From wearing jewelry chains are rubbed andtear, and you can irretrievably lose and decoration, and chain. The ratio of the weight of the gold or silver chain and the pendant should be two to one. Even more reliable, if the weight of the chain for the pendant is three times the weight of the pendant. In addition, the strength of the chain is affected by the kind of weaving. The most durable are anchor and armor, since they easily bend. It does not harm them. If you wind this chain on your finger, it will lie smoothly, without creases. It is in this case that a gold or silver chain with a pendant will last long.

Creating an image

The pendant can be selected in accordance with the circumstances when it will be used - in the afternoon or in the evening. It can be a retro style, never out of fashion.

chains with pendants photo
Sapphire, ruby, emerald or alexandrite, surrounded by diamonds, is an eternal classic. But it is possible and ultramodern stylistics, which all rush to the eye with its brevity.
chain weight for pendant
Unusual these golden figures, smooth and shiny, streamlined shape.

How to distinguish pendants

By appointment:

  • Women's, elegant and light. A flower is one of the most popular motifs.

On the photo there is a stylized flower with bright multi-colored crystals.

  • Men, which differ from women's more massive.

This modern horse will surprise when it is presented to a motorcyclist.

40 cm is the length of the shortest chains on which the pendants are worn. The standard sizes for a chain with a pendant, which, as a rule, are preferred, are from 45 to 50 cm.

  • Baby.

By type of fabrication:

  • Gold, including white and pink gold. Since gold has always been considered a sign of prosperity, a gold chain with a pendant will indicate the success and independence of its owner.
  • Silver can emphasize the individuality anda person's style is better than gold, and they are very good at daily wear. What is interesting about silver: the more often it is put on, the more its individual parts shine, while others, remaining dark, emphasize the gloss and polishing of metal. Moreover, it becomes interesting if it is the result of using a pendant with a chain, and not the work of a jeweler. It is silver that is most often used in the manufacture of children's chains with a pendant.

Such a pendant with a dog will please and beautify the baby.

  • Jewelery steel.

It is increasingly used to create a non-standard brutal free image.

Forms and materials of coulombs

The pendant itself can have a wide variety of shapes. Imagination of jewelers has no limits. The materials that are used are also different. There is no point in enumerating them - for this we will represent chains with pendants. The photo will show their variety.

First, it's just an ornament that can have geometric shapes (a circle, an oval, a rhombus, a rectangle). Then follow all the configurations that a person's imagination is capable of.

Snowflake, presented in the photo above, can be supplemented with Swarovski crystals, and then it will festively sparkle like New Year's snow.

a heart

Very popular heart pendants. We offer to your attention an elegant gold pendant-heart with emeralds. This is a great fashion accessory.

large crystal

Pleases the look and heart of any woman's blue sparkling crystal. Especially if he is presented in a gift box.


But a cameo, reminiscent of the images of the early twentieth century. She is good with a blouse, and with a turtleneck.

gold medallion

Equally interesting is a medallion, almost forgotten, which you can hardly see nowadays. Its doors open and are very tightly closed. They can put everything you want to keep in memory.


But a medallion with engraving can be silver. In medallions used to put not only pictures, but also strands of hair of a loved one.


Carved cylinder with onyx - for fans of non-standard solutions. It is suitable for everyday wear, and for festive events.


But, as from a magic dream, a little fairy with a ball of onyx flew in. You do not want to remove this decoration.


Extremely good openwork pendant of rose gold with a width of 19 mm and a length of 35 mm. It is universal. Suitable for both holidays and weekdays.


Men can be offered a complex hieroglyph. Now many are addicted to Oriental practices.


Or a horse. A knight without fear and reproach is a woman's dream.


Children - a good funny animal or a gift for a football player. This young boy's pendant will be worn with pride.


Sisters, older and younger, you can give and such a funny thing. The best surprise for the New Year, which will tell about their friendship, is not found.

Break away from listing everything that came up andembodied in jewelry by jewelers, it is difficult. Few of their works, when you look at the quality of performance, when you are amazed by fiction and skill, are left indifferent. And it does not matter what it is - a pendant with a sapphire or an amethyst, set in diamonds, or modern jewelry steel. You can only marvel at the quality and variety of the proposed coulombs. Improvisations of jewelers do not allow them to be classified in an outward appearance, because there are watches, aroma, initials, amulets, flash-pendants, and zodiac signs, and much more.

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