Adidas Superstar - sneakers for those who value comfort

Adidas Superstar - sneakers, very famous forworld market. Releases their famous manufacturer of sports accessories and equipment. Adidas Superstar - sneakers, originally created specifically for basketball. They started production in 1969. They differ in low camp and are called "shell". We'll figure out why.

Adidas Superstar - "sneakers-shells"

So, this footwear - the first model, equippeda low glass and full leather exterior trim. In addition, Adidas Superstar - sneakers with rubber toe protection, first introduced to the consumer. It is exactly the shape of a shell.

Attention of the leading basketball players immediatelyattracted the attention of Adidas Superstar. Sneakers interested even a well-known player, like Abdul-Jabbar. For a year and a half this basket was worn by basketball players. However, a few years later the model was reincarnated from purely sporty to casual sneakers.

adidas superstar sneakers

A bit of history

Adidas Originals Superstar - incrediblepopular to date models of sports shoes. However, let's go back a few years back. On the music scene in 1983, a band called Run-D.M.C appeared. It was interesting to the public that she did not want to adapt to the pop standards that existed at that time. In the special costumes, the band members also did not dress. Trio shoe sneakers Adidas Superstar - models with out-turned tongues and no laces. After that, having gone to the tournament in the USA, the group became especially popular. Sneakers appeared everywhere. Songs were dedicated to them.

adidas originals superstar


Modern models of Adidas Originals Superstar are notare exclusively basketball shoes. This is an integral part of the fashionable among the youth culture "Kazual". Accordingly, the brand offers consumers a variety of styles and colors.

Today Adidas Superstar is sold in every brand store. However, despite all the colors, they bear the logos of contract basketball teams.

adidas superstar for women

Indispensable attribute

In general, sneakers are shoes that areobligatory in the wardrobe of each person. Adidas Superstar (women's and men's) - an excellent solution to this issue. And even if you do not have a passion for sports, these sneakers will simply help create an interesting image for you.

And if the professional athletes in the wardrobeis not one dozen pairs of specialized shoes, even an average office worker should have at least a pair of sneakers. The fact is that it's not just shoes. It's self-expression and style.

adidas superstar white

We make a purchase. How not to run into a fake?

So, you decided to buy these sneakers. First of all, of course, pay attention to their appearance. And it does not matter whether it's Adidas Superstar White, Black or any other model. The main thing is to look at dense even screeds and carefully treated edges with the help of special materials. On the original models of cheap threads and curved screeds will not.

In this shoe, leather inserts are always present. They differ in triangular cut. In "counterfeits" the cut is poorly processed and has the shape of an oval.

Inside the sneakers are trimmed with a cotton cloth. Thanks to this, the feet "breathe" and do not feel excessive fatigue. In fake models inside there is an ordinary synthetics, quickly knocking down and soaring legs.

Also clearly expressed is the logo on the original sneakers. In fake shoes, it will be simply glued. In these models - this is a perforated embossing.

Brand stripes on the sneakers look down the notches. On fakes, their direction often alternates. Rivets for laces on the original models are not available.

The next moment is the rear view and the height of the shoes. Real running shoes are taller than fakes. It is visible to the naked eye. In addition, a logo is pushed behind.

On the sole of the sneakers there are three strips,displaced to the inner side of the foot. On "fakes" they are located closer to the center. The sole on the "originals" is distinguished by a special density and reliability.

In short, the "fake" to run into todayvery simple. Therefore, the purchase is done only in the original stores. They are in every major city. The stand with Adidas Superstar is necessarily located in each of them.

adidas superstar black

A wide range of

Let's sum up. Adidas Superstar Black, White, etc. etc. It is not difficult to acquire at all. This can be done in every sports shop. The main motto of this line is the individuality of a person. Everyone chooses his own style for himself.

New models for the brand appear every season. Merit this belongs to Farrell Williams - the man who most of all in the world appreciates freedom and self-expression. Therefore, they regularly develop new colors for the collection. Accordingly, anyone can easily buy exactly those sneakers that fit his image.

Made all the models of Adidas Superstar absolutelythe same. The difference is only in the coloring. As the designer says, this fact symbolizes the so-called equality of all colors. That is, whatever you buy, you will still become a part of the "big family" of fans of this series.

Do not just forget that this line is designed not for sports, but for style. These shoes can be worn anywhere, combining with the outer clothing of your chosen color.

Thus, we dwell on the fact that thesesneakers will be an ideal purchase for both men and women. Be sure that by making such a purchase, you will certainly be satisfied. This is not just a thing. It is a real assistant in creating a stylish and original image. Becoming a happy owner of one of these models, you can rejoice every day, looking at yourself in the mirror, and enthrall your appearance of the surrounding people. And this is not surprising. Sneakers are really perfect!

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