Why do I need a bra for girls?

Did you know that the first prototypes of such athe usual subject of ladies' wardrobe, like a bra, appeared even in the time of Ancient Egypt? Then the inhabitants of this hot edge pulled the chest with special ribbons - in the fashion of that time there was a small bust, and this was emphasized in every way. Later similar tapes were used also by ancient Greeks, to be exact - Greek women, and also inhabitants of Ancient Rome - in their wardrobe the belts-strofii have come nearer to modern forms of underwear. Of course, such clothes for the chest were not at all similar to modern types of bras, but the functions performed all the same. And what exactly these functions were, and why a bra is needed at all - let's talk about this later in our article.

why do I need a bra
In its modern form, the bra came toa change of heavy and uncomfortable corsets in the XIX century with the filing of the Frenchwoman Hermine Kadol, who adhered to the idea of ​​the German school of female hygiene. True, the main function - to cover the chest - and bra, and a hard corset are similar. The requirement that women's breasts be hidden from the eyes under the dress and underwear, came from the Middle Ages and firmly nested in the foundations of European culture right up to modern times. Even now, a woman with bare chest on the streets of the city will cause confusion and condemnation of others. So the main reason why women wear a bra is, first of all, lies in the cultural tradition, which prohibits demonstrating their own delights openly.

why do girls need a bra
But besides the cultural aspect, there are alsoother reasons that almost every woman in the world wears a bra. For example, the purpose of wearing it can be medical, or rather - hygienic. Why do I need a bra from this point of view? First of all - to support the breast. With constant walking without this object of linen, mammary glands are subject to excessive and uneven loading, and their constant mobility can provoke stagnation in the lower lobes, worsen blood supply and, as a consequence, cause the occurrence of mastopathy and malignant neoplasms. It is this reason, why girls bra, is today the most essential of all. However, not all kinds of bras are equally useful for health. For example, models without straps can not provide the necessary support for the breast, and from the hygienic point of view are absolutely useless. You should also choose the right types of bras, based on the size of the bust.
For owners of large sizes, bras with narrow straps will not benefit from this plan - they simply can not support a rather heavy bust.

why do women wear a bra

Well, do not ignore this articleanother motive, why a bra is needed, this time aesthetic. As the classics correctly noted, total nudity is less attractive to the eye than partial. Therefore, beautiful underwear has long been a powerful weapon of mass destruction in the arsenal of every seductress. Made of expensive lace, decorated with ribbons, stones, embroidery, underwear items, selected with taste and place, can in themselves give an exhaustive answer to the question of why a bra is needed.

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