Children's fashion for girls and boys

Fashion children are more diverse in comparison withadult. Many fashion designers every year try to create clothes not only for men and women, but also for children. Small mods look as stylish and modern as their parents. Now there are a lot of dresses, pantaloons and fun bows that are created in order to decorate the kids and make them unique.

children's fashion for girls

How it all began

Back in the 18th century, various costumes andattributes for children. The 20th century made adjustments to their form. Ten-year-old girls dressed as schoolboys, and boys - in the sea form. Today it is already a separate link in the fashion industry. Parents try to buy an outfit, given the taste of the child. The kid already chooses a wardrobe for himself. And his mom and dad need only correctly learn how to react to various variations in the fashion world.

Fashion for holidays and everyday life

Children's fashion for girls, as well as forboys, is divided into festive and everyday. The elegant is distinguished by special accessories, lacquered shoes and bright colors. Kelvin Klein was the first to create children's collections with comfort and pathos. He created such outfits, which can be worn on weekdays and on holidays. His shows have announced quite high prices for similar outfits. Rich parents perfectly reacted to such a proposal, and people with modest means tried to get their kids just comfortable clothes.

Children's fashion for girls

children's fashion

What are the fashion trends of clothes for girls? Designers today try to dress the child cheerfully and brightly. An unending trend remains a pink tint. Also popular are things of yellow and orange colors. Children's fashion for girls is distinguished by national symbols. Most mothers are trying to buy an outfit for their growing daughters, which looks like a school uniform. Today it becomes one of the fashion trends. Girls in straight strict dresses with white collars and strict bandages on the hair are like glamorous school girls. Such a children's fashion for girls came to us from the West. There, well-off schoolgirls study in prestigious old educational institutions. Who does not follow trends, prefers jeans or a skirt with a blouse. A beautiful addition will be a beautiful bow, which will be combined with a dress according to color. In the winter, boots with a pattern and warm overalls will look beautiful. For a girl 6-10 years, it is better to choose a jacket or an elongated coat.

children's fashion for boys

Dress the boy

Children's fashion for boys is also fullfascinating ideas. A small mod is rather democratic in its own passions. Future men prefer sports style, but do not forget to fill up their wardrobe with a pair of stylish "men's" accessories. The main thing when buying clothes, do not forget to ask your child if he likes this or that thing, because you have a bright personality, and the outfit serves as one of the ways to show your own personality.

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