A gift to the leader from the team. Gift to the leader-woman

On the eve of even the most inconspicuous holiday,The majority of employees have a fair question: "What kind of gift present to the head for the umpteenth time?" To pick up the most practical and fitting in the concept of office subordination present, it is necessary to understand the wishes or needs of the boss.

gift to the head


There is a certain hierarchy of gifts for employees and managers:

  • traditional, years of proven gifts (expensive sets of pens, diaries in convenient embossing, cufflinks);
  • gizmos useful for a hobby;
  • gifts that strengthen the team spirit.


Having given preference to traditional presentations, it is worthtake into account the cost and form of congratulations. If the gift is the result of a personal initiative, it is worth choosing neutral things in value, so as not to violate the relationship with the team. Such a gift to the head can be selected from a line of simple office supplies - sets of office pens complete with a business card or a desk holder of pens.

gift to the head on February 23

Presents useful for hobbies

If the manager is seriously engaged in anysports, you can safely pick up a present from the category of a hobby - the modern industry has presented a whole line of sportsmen figures. Performed in different scales statuettes fit perfectly into any office interior and enliven the working atmosphere.

If the chief is a runner, you can give the figurea colorful world star on the run, if the chief prefers winter sports - you can easily present desktop snowboards or statuettes of alpine skiers. What gift to the leader to choose? If he is engaged in boxing, then present him with a statuette of Muhammad Ali from strong ceramics.

gift to the leader of a man from the team

Presenters that strengthen the team spirit

Strengthen and constantly nourish the team spiritencourages the visualization of joint victories. You can present an original gift to the leader in the form of a collective collage or photo book with joint victorious pictures for the expired period. This will help focus attention on achievements and at the same time emphasize the importance of each employee. You can hang such a present both in the office of the boss himself, placing the book in the leather cover, and in the waiting room, in front of everyone.

Choosing an original gift to the leader-manfrom the team, you can pay attention to a joint trip to the city for the weekend. But such surprises must be carefully planned and negotiated with other employees.

gift to the leader from the team

For the soul

A smart gift to the male leader fromcollective - a colorful aquarium in the office. Silent gurgling excellently relaxes, the modern pace of life requires constant search for a source of inspiration and joy - and the fish are in the first place. This kind of presentation skillfully complements the interior, discharges the strict cabinet environment and improves the atmosphere. Selecting the content, it is worthwhile to seek the help of a consultant: he will efficiently compose a fish company for living in an office aquarium, and also advise the optimum lighting of a tank that meets the standards of office premises.

Defender of the Fatherland Day: choose a present

No less important is the gift to the head on 23February. In this case, you should approach the choice of presentation more scrupulously. This holiday is not just old-fashioned and solemn - it emphasizes the courage and perseverance of every member of the stronger sex. Therefore, the present must be thematic, small, but certainly pleasant.

A successful gift to the head on February 23 -decorated bottle of cognac. Modern masters of manual decoupage will create any design and can also supplement the gift with themed glasses or glasses. The number of items in the gift set will be limited only by imagination. It is perfectly permissible to supplement the set with a thematic decanter. Colors and pictures can be combined with photos or inscriptions of wishes.

You can also pick up a collection flask. Many souvenir shops offer the widest choice of thematic presents of amazing quality. Tin flasks can be painted, decorated in patriotic or joking motifs and complemented with a bag that can compete with a mini-bar safely. Also with such a present often come in a set of cap-key chains or table books with photographs.

gift to the head man a birthday


It is equally difficult to choose a birthday giftmale leader. Birthday is inherently a family celebration, but the congratulations of the staff will also complement the festive mood of the chief. There is an opinion about the irrationality of a presentation in the form of flowers for a man, but a beautiful and impressive bouquet will be the most successful solution for a collective gift, and it can be supplemented with good cognac (wine or champagne) and a box of excellent sweets.

No less practical will be a giftthe male leader from the team in the form of a brand new office chair. Every year manufacturers improve their most running models, thereby simplifying their operation. Suppliers always guarantee excellent quality, subsequent maintenance, and also offer the possibility of a gradual payment. The ruler of comfortable armchairs is presented both by leather variants, and models with the strengthened top covering from artificial materials.

Another version of the collective presentation may bebecome equipment for the head of a tourist or a hunter. You can present a gift to the leader from the team by performing a mini-sketch or a rally so that the surprise is remembered by your emotional message and pleased the boss for many, many years. An interesting addition to this kind of offering can be a cheerful set of tourist food: souvenir shops offer mini-sets with famous canned "tourist breakfast" and comic pictures.

Present to the headmistress

It is more difficult to find a gift for the leader-woman. Headmistresses try to keep distance with employees, so the gift should not violate the indicated boundaries. Present for March 8 or New Year's is worth selecting with the expectation of the romanticism of every woman. Ideal is a gift to the leader-woman, presented in the form of decorated balls for the Christmas tree. Moreover, modern needlewomen provide a huge selection of such toys in vintage style, which saturate the holiday with family comfort and warmth.

original gift to the head

What else to choose a gift to the head? Relevant will be a collection of paintings by contemporary artists who would complement the existing interior and make it a piece of originality and individualism. To pick up canvases of a certain theme will help the master himself, if he describes in detail the colors prevailing in the office, the situation, the nature of the boss, and, in fact, the wishes of the donors themselves.

What not to give to the woman-headmistress

The kitchen arsenal is worth missing, regardless ofwhatever wishes may have been expressed in the presentation of such a gift. Such presents will still violate the unspoken subordination between the boss and her colleagues. Every woman perfectly determines the very need for this or that kitchen thing, so imposing one's opinion or penetrating the personal life of the leader is not the best idea.

Also, do not give a woman-head perfumeor neck scarves. It is very difficult to orientate yourself in the personal preferences of a person, especially not being his friend. Perfumes, watches and ornaments are a prerogative of the family and close people, therefore things from such a group of gifts should be immediately neglected.

To the list of unsuitable presents you can alsocarry all that is related to health (apparatus for measuring blood pressure, sugar or phonendoscopes will be appreciated only by health workers). Promoting a healthy lifestyle and self-improvement is not the best subject for a leader. But the certificate for the purchase of good cosmetics is useful.

gift to the leader of a woman


Now you know what you can choose as a presentation for the solemn event to the chief. We hope that our advice will help you make the right decision.

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