Dmitry Sholokhov: biography and creativity of the fashion designer

It's not new to anyone that in most casestalented and recognized creators of art are people from the remote places. It is they who have that reserve of will power and determination that allows them to pursue their own. Dmitry Sholokhov, whose biography is unremarkable, is one of those who clearly understand their life purpose.

The famous American designer is of Belarusian origin. He became the winner of the popular reality show "Project Podium" due to his talent and subtle sense of the style of the modern era of fashion.

dmitri sholokhov

Dmitry Sholokhov. Biography of the designer

So, let's get acquainted with interesting facts of life of a young couturier.

Dmitry Sholokhov is a designer and artist whowas born in a small town of Novopolotsk (Belarus). He dedicated his youth to ballroom dances. By the way, already then he independently painted, and then sewed stage costumes for himself and his partner.

Dmitri's father was a talented artist, soSholokhov's dream was the realization of himself in the design art. Nevertheless, he graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology in one of the local universities and, thanks to the student project Work & Travel, first went to the United States of America.

A little later Dmitry Sholokhov became a studentthe famous Parsons school, and the training did not take place anywhere, but in Calvin Klein, Domenico Vacca and J. Mendel. All this enabled him to develop his creative abilities and skills. In 2011, the guy took part in the famous TV show "Project Podium". Dmitry Sholokhov fought for the victory with 16 young designers.

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Project Runway

For several years, many viewers with a hugeI watch with interest the development of events on the popular "Project Podium" on the channel Lifetime. The very idea of ​​the show is original and even brilliant! Between 20 very talented designers there is a tough fight for victory and getting a material prize. From competition to competition they try to demonstrate to their spectators an unmatched skill and talent. At the end of the project, the judges (designer Michael Kors and fashion journalist and fashion critic Nina Garcia) choose the winner based on whose final collection was the most unique, interesting, bright and successful.

At the beginning of the transfer, the young man was inshadows, it is almost no one noticed, perhaps, did not even take seriously. Indeed, one of many. However, this did not affect his brilliant victory. The young designer managed to demonstrate his skills in all its glory and prove that he is worthy to become a winner. Dmitry Sholokhov came to the project for a specific purpose and followed it throughout the contest. Of course, there were nerves. The young man during the contest dropped about 8 kg.

dmitri sholokhov fashion designer

A talented designer's view of the project from outside

- I understand perfectly well that half of the project Iwas in the shadows, and I was completely ignored neither by the participants, nor by the jury. The matter is that I am a person who does not try to pull on himself a blanket and does not try to attract all attention to himself. On the project, very bright, interesting and rather unordinary personalities were collected. There were many senseless actions and conversations. I came here with a specific goal, so I preferred never to interfere in squabbles and conflicts. When there are a lot of bright birds around, which constantly make noise, surely, all attention will be concentrated only on them. However, over time, they fly out of the project. Then there are actually serious people who know what they want and why they came for the transfer.

Dmitry Sholokhov is a fashion designer by vocation!

At the moment, Dmitry is in a fruitfulcooperation with the well-known Belarusian company O.Jen. Exquisite, elegant, original style, unsurpassed harmony of shapes, a sense of beauty, the highest quality of used fabrics in conjunction with the latest fashion trends - that's how you can characterize the brand's clothes. And it should be noted that the young man is doing his job well. However, it is not surprising.

dmitry sholokhov biography

Dmitry Sholokhov - fashion designer, graduate of ParsonsNew School for Design, as well as a laureate of numerous contests dedicated to design art. On account of a talented designer working with the most famous and popular fashion houses that are known all over the world. A stunning victory in Project Runway brought Dmitry the starting capital, which he later used to develop his own series of Dmitry Sholokhov.

Presentation of the new brand

I would like to note that the result of creativecooperation of the leading Belarusian clothing brand and a rather successful designer from New York was an eclectic and dynamic collection, released under the label Dmitry Sholokhov for O. Jen. It impresses with its refinement, creativity and unique design. High-quality fabrics are an indispensable attribute of each model.

dmitri sholokhov designer

Collection of designer

In the 10th season of the project the jury members notedthe native of Belarus, designer Dmitry Sholokhov. His collection is distinguished by its elegance, elegance and at the same time the practicality of all models. It is comfort, convenience and the ability to operate clothes in everyday life were the victorious advantages of the young Belarusian.

Dmitry manages to perfectly combinea variety of fabrics of the highest quality. Among his favorite materials: leather, wool and knitwear. As a rule, the color scale is monochrome: gray, black, white, metallic, slightly lemon and dark blue. All this makes his models original and unique.

dmitri sholokhov

Finally, we give a couple of phrases of Dmitryconcerning such an important segment of his life as participation in the show Project Runway. He never doubted that he would be a winner. With faith in his own strength, he fell asleep daily and woke up. However, as already noted, the guy always felt that the judges of the project greatly underestimated him. That's why when he won, it became a double victory: in the project, and over his own doubts. "The competition" Podium "was a real test for the participants in all senses. Therefore, I feel especially proud for my victory and for being able to become the best, "Dmitry Sholokhov told the Daily News.

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