Overseas - what is it? Clothing in style oversize

The world of fashion constantly presents us with more and morenovelties. There are interesting styles of dresses, creative color solutions, and sometimes even the fashion returns of the past. Among all these fresh trends, the overlooks style stands out, but all because it serves as a model for abandoning the established rules for selecting clothes. That is why it can be called impudent, provocative, challenging. These merits were able to appreciate truly independent women of fashion. Overseas - what is it? Who is this style for? Let's look for answers to these questions together.

an oversize what it is

What is overweight clothing?

Overseas - what is it? Clothing in this style does not have a pronounced form, often people in it look as if on them things are several sizes larger. The effect is created that the person at all has put on itself not the, and therefore the image as a whole becomes baggy, too voluminous. But it's worth to take a closer look at how all these seemingly seemingly disadvantages turn into pluses - and here before you is no longer a man in clothes with a "lordly shoulder", but an independent mod.

Characteristic features of style

Overseas - what is it? This style is characterized by wide clothing, free, as if a few sizes larger. Tightening things should be deleted. Oversize style is, first of all, freedom of movement and in the manifestation of one's individuality. It is also characterized by simplicity. It is understandable, because be such things too bright and catchy, the image could not be called relevant and adequately selected. Often you can hear that people are talking about the overweight style as a way to create a wardrobe for the lazy. It would seem easy to take and put on a baggy sweater and go out, but it's not so simple. In order to look stylish in baggy clothes, you need to be able to correctly combine things, combine them among themselves, and in general, without a sense of style here can not do. Otherwise, you can look ridiculous and even funny.

sweater oversize

To whom is this clothing suitable?

Overseas - what is it? Who will use this style of clothing? Overseas will not be the best option for owners of magnificent forms, because it visually greatly increases the figure of a person. Just imagine that the owner of a piquant XXL decides to wear clothes of even larger size. Look at this option will not be very attractive. This does not mean that the fashion is oriented solely at lean girls, it's just that each person is individual, and it's impossible to find one single style for everyone, that's what we have to filter out that does not fit at all. But on slender girls such clothes will look good. Especially the overlook style will please those who seek to hide their thinness. With his help it will work out very well.

overlook style

Sweater Oversize

But do not think that it's enough to grab instore the first caught sweater for several sizes more, and you will become a mod. This clothing is sewn according to style, carefully designed. Some ingredients, such as a collar or sleeves, increase, and that's why clothes seem so dimensionless. You can emphasize the waist with a contrasting wide belt. This will make the image more feminine. To look stylish, wearing an oversized sweater, you must correctly combine it with other items of your wardrobe. Here are a few good options:

  • Jeans, fitting a figure, like a skinny orlegends. This combination is suitable for those who are not ready to experiment heavily with their image, but want to adhere to some rules of fashion. One of the main precepts of the overweight style is: "The top of the loose cut must be supplemented by the tightening bottom". This, in turn, will help to maintain a balance of proportions.
  • Mini skirt. This option is suitable for more risky ladies. In order for the image to be complete, it is worth adding rough boots or boots on thick soles.
  • Long skirt in the floor. Option for those who prefer all the original and unusual. Winnings will look skirts made of wool or cashmere. Light models of silk or cotton will look not only strange, but also tasteless.

cardigan oversize

Cardigans in the style of oversize

No wardrobe can do without a cardigan. He is the basic thing. Cardigan is good, but cardigan oversize is even better. You can combine it with anything: with dresses, shirts, T-shirts, blouses. The main rule that should be considered when choosing a cardigan in the style of oversize, concerns its color. It must be neutral. Too mottled and bright wardrobe, if it is dimensionless, can make the entire image clownish, so it's by no means worth the risk. And besides, the basic things should be neutral. Otherwise, they would not be so universal, and with their help it would be impossible to create various fashionable images.

However, the cardigan in this style is unusual, and thereforeTo combine it with other things follows in a special way. In no case should not it be worn simultaneously with other voluminous and broad things, it will look inappropriate. Such a cardigan is an excellent addition to any fitting things. But shoes can be used volumetric, even cumbersome, it will balance the image.

overweight dress

Overweight dresses

The over-the-top dress is usually made ofmaterials, allowing to create a direct silhouette. This is cashmere, cotton, wool, knitwear. The undeniable advantage of such a wardrobe is that it will not impede movement, because such a dress is dimensionless, which means that it must flow freely and be comfortable. Often in this style, you can find dresses, shirts. They not only do not constrain freedom of movement, but also allow to hide the flaws of the figure, such as the imperfect tummy, for example. For such a dress, a great addition will be large bright ornaments and boots on a flat sole or on a stable platform. Shoes with heels in this case will be inappropriate.

an oversize what it is

Of all the above, it is necessary to distinguish the main thing: Overseas style is suitable for bold and determined people, those who are not afraid to lay new paths in the country of fashion. Therefore, if you are such a person, go for it, without forgetting to complement the style with fashionable details. And remember, style is not something that others impose on you, style is what you create yourself!

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