Lemon color - fashionable and stylish!

lemon color

Lemon color in clothing is very common,especially in the summer. Fresh, bright and juicy, it gives the image some kind of fantasy and uniqueness - those characteristics that every girl wants to bring to her wardrobe. If you choose clothes of this shade of yellow, think about whether it is going to you. Think also about the combination of this color with others. Take into account all the nuances, otherwise a trendy shade can spoil your image and highlight the shortcomings of the figure. How to choose such things correctly?

The secret of success is the correct combination of lemon color with other shades. This should be remembered when choosing bright things in general. What color does the lemon match?

It looks very nice in combination with black. Such an ensemble is perfect for creating a business classic image, which at the same time will be original and interesting. For example, a business office suit can be diluted with lemon scarf. This will refresh the everyday outfit, raise the mood and the surrounding people, will give the black color a special refinement.

combination of lemon color

Well combined lemon color with warmbrown, blue, turquoise colors. A gentle image will result from combining it with white. But if you own a too light skin, this option can make you pale. Since this color is very bright, it will look good both with no less bright colors, and with pastel shades. The main thing is not to overdo it with brightness, so as not to look ridiculous and cloying.

Shoes lemon color is better to combine with whiteclothing. This option looks choyen original and fresh. Warm spring romantic girl will look just stunning in lemon ballet shoes or shoes in combination with a white suit.

with what color does the lemon

Accessories of this color will also make the imageinimitable. Lemon bag or belt will be perfectly combined with a light T-shirt and jeans. Well, if such an accessory will be made of smooth natural leather. Note that many designers and manufacturers of bags produce models in lemon color quite a long time, which once again confirms the increased interest in them from female representatives.

Lemon color in the outer clothing will be perfectlook autumn. Very often in the streets of big cities, you can meet girls in rain coats of such colors. Than it is caused? The answer is obvious: in rainy gray days so much you want something bright! Lemon raincoat perfectly compensates for the gray weather, while making its owner noticeable and stylish. At the same time, not everyone will be able to decide on such a choice, so if in your wardrobe there is a similar thing, you probably like to experiment!

And yet the most appropriate lemon color looksin summer. The most relevant in the heat are light dresses, maxi skirts, sandals and shirts of this shade in combination with light clothing and light make-up.

Whichever lemon attire you choose, you willseen from afar! Consider all the features of your figure and skin color, without forgetting about harmonious combinations, and your image will not leave anyone indifferent! Be fashionable!

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