Fur coat from blue mink: features, types of fur, prices

Products made of natural fur have always been a certainindicator of high status and distinctively good taste of its owners. For some, a fur coat is a cherished dream, which one has to go through for many years, for others it is an indispensable and integral part of the wardrobe. Varieties of fur there is quite a lot, but it's the blue mink coat - the real favorite in the world of fashionable winter clothes made from furs of elite breeds.

blue mink fur coat

The unfading fashion

The popularity of mink is due to its excellentdata, and comparative availability. The matter is that the animals with the fur of different shades of gray-blue color were taken out by the breeders, they breed the mink in special nurseries with a rather extensive geography. Favorites from the breeders are states from the northern regions of America and Europe. Overseas fur coats "Blue Mink" in Moscow are not so common, but here products made of fur from Russian and Finnish production, it will not be difficult to find.

Mink coats can be of other colors (more oftenblack and different shades of brown), but it is the blue ones that are particularly tender and soft. This material is very popular among designers, from it they create a great variety of fur coats, from neat sheepskin coats to floor-length products. Besides, it is possible to sew elegant hats, stoles and boleros from the blue mink, which will become a real find for the secular ladies who are forced to often attend events that require strict dress code.

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Characteristics of fur and its features

The blue mink fur is special, it can not be confusedwith no other. Captive animals produced in captivity give a luxurious material with a very dense podpushkoy and a low sparkling pile. Specialists distinguish up to 340 varieties of fur color! It is necessary to understand initially that not all of them are natural and absolutely natural, such a variety was achieved due to the tendency of the mink to cross, and also that the fur of this animal is perfectly served.

Since the mink is bred in rather harshclimatic zones, the fur in it is resistant to the most unfavorable conditions. The fur coat from the blue mink will warm in severe frosts, it will not lose its attractiveness after the first wetting. Short jogging under wet snow or even accidental exposure to rain will not spoil the appearance of the product. Sellers assure that the mink coat will faithfully and faithfully serve its owner for at least five years, and in case of observing the right operating conditions, assuming that the outer clothing will be stored in a dark, cool place with normal humidity, in a protective case, it will retain an unrivaled appearance even longer.

mink coat

True, the fur coat from the blue mink will not survive a systematic check by extreme conditions - its podpushek will turn yellow, and the pile will lose unsurpassed gloss and beautiful shine.

Luxurious palette

Another factor that explains the popularity of furblue mink from the manufacturers of fur coats, is that this material opens truly unlimited space for creativity, and sometimes outright fraud. In order not to fall for a trick to an unscrupulous manufacturer, you should know that a blue mink fur coat can be sewn from the fur of five main species. This is a brief description of the most popular colors that you should arm yourself with before you make a purchase:

  • The classic fur of gray color, giving off a light blue, with the same texture and characteristic dark color of the villi, walking on the skins in place of the ridge of the animal is a sapphire.
  • Blue ace is a noble fur, which differs with a deep blue cushion, this magnificent color is shaded by a magnificent masdra of dark color, which makes the coat look especially rich.
  • Silver blue - this kind of fur is a classic of the genrefor a product such as a mink coat. The blue mink, which is bred for the production of this material, has a silvery-blue fur coat without dark impregnations and is quite impressive in size.
  • Steel sapphire, or blue iris - is a fur of gray color, its distinctive feature is ashes of ash color.
  • Sapphire Cross is a special kind of blue mink fur with a gentle light tint, against which a dark pattern, resembling cross-shaped figures, is clearly visible.

Get the perfect look of fur from the bluemink only selection is simply impossible. That all skins had identical color, and the finished product looked as much as possible luxuriously, manufacturers in addition process fur. Most often there is an artificial coloring of the podpushka and toning of the longer villi. The methods of such treatment do not harm the fur and its basis, they are aimed only at giving it maximum aesthetics.

blue mink fur coat in moscow

Make the right choice easily

The disadvantage of fur products often becomes theircumbersome and giving the hostess extra volume. The fur of the blue mink is devoid of such a shortcoming, it produces very plastic, elegant products, so the girl can choose the perfect coat for any complexion and growth. However, making your choice, you should pay attention to the coloring of clothes. Stylists recommend remembering a few rules:

  • light fur will bled even more blondes;
  • longitudinal natural pattern on the skins - an excellent opportunity to make the figure slimmer;
  • dark shades of fur - a universal option for both burning brunettes, and for blond blondes.

Salons of leather and fur offer fur coats for every taste,color and purse. In retail outlets there are both quite budgetary models available to Russians with medium income, and very expensive copies. The fur coat from the blue mink, the price of which depends on its model and the quality of the fur, costs 150 thousand rubles on average. A short sheepskin coat can be found for 50-75 thousand, the most expensive fur coats are made of fur of rare colors, and the prices for them reach 300-400 thousand rubles.

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