Original patch on jeans will give your pants a new life

If your favorite jeans frayed from time to timeor accidentally tore at the nail sticking out in the bench, do not get upset! For their resuscitation, not so much is required: your creativity, a little time and a great desire to save the product. Help comes a patch on jeans, and believe me, this will be the best option, since you will simultaneously repair your favorite pants, give them a new life and add new clothes to the wardrobe in the style of "hand made".

a patch on jeans

Style Selection

Before starting repair it would be nice toDetermine in what style your pants will continue to exist, with what you plan to wear them. An important point, as this will crucially depend on the way and technique of their repair. The style of "kazhual" will oblige to make the patch as invisible as possible, not attracting attention, while on jeans in the style of American westerns one can accent a contrast, a bright patch, and thereby give them more color.

patches for jeans

Imperceptible disguise

Consider some of the simplest and most popularways of sewing patches. If the hole on the jeans is small and is in an inconspicuous place, you can try to sew it up by matching the color of the thread, or try to make an inconspicuous patch using the pieces of denim that have been preserved after being shortened. If you threw these trims, then you can use the fabric under the back pockets, and on this place to sew any other material. To do this, you need to pinch the top edge of the pocket with pins and cut out the necessary piece of cloth with sharp scissors, in this case the patch on the jeans will ideally match both in color and texture. Denim fabric has a special diagonal weave with a sufficiently large gap between the threads, which makes darning virtually unnoticeable, so this type of repair also takes place, especially it attracts by what is barely noticeable.

patches for jeans

Bright accent

If the patch on the jeans does not work out unnoticeable, then you can make it decorative, in the form of an applique, as well as zaderkorirovat beads or lacing.

men's tight-fitting jeans
In order that one application or embroidery is notit was boring, you can make two or three more, and then your jeans will become a bright design work of art. A great popularity among young people are patches for jeans made of genuine leather. Especially they look good on the scuffs in the field of the back pockets. For example, men's jeans in tight fitting will acquire a greater originality, if you distribute some more leather patches on them in different places in the form of decor. Another tip: a patch on the jeans should be necessarily stitched, do not try to paste it, as it does not survive on the glue and the first wash.

Ultra-modern method

There is another, rather bold waysave your jeans. Holes can not be sewn, but on the contrary, increase and deepen it, raspolmatat edges, and if you want to add a couple more pieces. Having acted in such a barbarous way with your favorite thing, you will get fashionable ragged jeans that have not left fashionable podiums for several decades.

So, now it became absolutely clear that the hole on the jeans - this is not a reason to panic and get upset, the situation can be easily and quickly corrected, showing a little imagination and hard work.

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