Give your favorite things a second life! How to remove the spools from clothes

Often a favorite thing loses its magnificentappearance due to the appearance on its surface of fleecy clusters - pellets. Especially often such a fate comprehends articles made of knitwear and knitted clothes. Nevertheless, do not despair and hurry to write off this or that wardrobe item as a scrap. It is enough to learn how to remove the spools from clothes so that your thing will get a second life.

how to remove spools from clothes
The easiest way is to purchasespecialized store machine that will quickly and easily say goodbye to the hateful inclusions on the surface of clothing. Outwardly such an apparatus is similar to an ordinary electric razor for men, even the principle of their action is somewhat similar. Inside the unit is equipped with numerous scissors, which will help get rid of spools on clothing, but when choosing such a machine should be extremely careful. It is undesirable to purchase equipment that is too cheap, which ultimately can lead to damage to things, especially when it comes to woolen products. Thus, the low cost of the unit should alert you. It should also be taken into account that this device very quickly fails, because the scissors in its design have the ability to blunt too quickly.

How to remove spools from clothing? Do not think that only an electrical appliance will help you. For this purpose, you can easily use a conventional disposable razor. If you decide to resort to this method, remember the need for safety. In addition, it is necessary to take into account some features of the treatment of tissue. Since this method is available to many (the shaving machine can be found in almost every house), let us dwell on it in more detail.

How to remove the spools from clothes with a razor

get rid of clothes on clothes
Be sure to pre-tension the product,so as not to damage it during cutting. Then carefully draw the edge of the blade along the problem areas - with quick light movements, confidently, methodically. Repeat the procedure for greater effect. In principle, if you are afraid to use a razor, you can try to remove the pellets by hand, but in this case the chance to damage the structure of the product is high enough, because you will not cut the pellets, but in the literal sense of rip them. And the process will drag on for a long time. And if you do this with knitted things, there is a risk that the thing will simply dissolve at the seams without the possibility of restoration.

An interesting variant of solving a problem called"How to remove the spools from clothes?" is the use of an adhesive tape. To do this, attach the adhesive tape with the adhesive side to the damaged surface, carefully smooth the tape with your hand, and then sharply tear it off. The spools and excess villi must remain on the sticky surface. However, in this case, special attention should be paid to the composition of the product, so as not to spoil the fabric. Do you want to know how to remove the spools from clothes, the material for which was a delicate wool, for example, angora or a thin mohair? The option is only one - a soft toothbrush will help you.

how to remove sprues from clothes
Rigid bristles can damage the fabric withoutrecovery possibilities. The knitwear should only be cleaned in the direction of the fibers, which will avoid damage. After cleaning, you should soak the clothes in the air conditioner to prevent the possibility of "sprawling" things.

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