Winter moccasins: a description of models, care, with what to wear

Are there any shoes that can satisfy suchin things like warmth, comfort and convenience with beauty and style? Believe me, these shoes actually exist, and her name is winter moccasins. In addition, such cozy and stylish shoes offer a huge number of options and a wide variety of models. Among them, even the most demanding client will be able to find the most suitable and suitable option for himself.

winter moccasins

Could Diego della Valle, the founder of the famousbrand shoes Tod "s, to assume that his offspring, which is intended for Italian lazy dandies, can be claimed even in the northern latitudes in a fierce winter? And the last few seasons of winter moccasins, photos of which are presented in this article, are considered an unconditional trend of many Winter collections from the main producers of men's and women's fashion.

Tribute to motorists

From the very beginning, moccasins were perceived assummer-spring light shoes, which was designed for idle pastime and hiking on the Cote d'Azur. Due to their exceptional popularity, they enter with success and into the wardrobe worn in the winter. In fact, why should not the already grown shoes be worn in snow or cold? Particularly pleasing is the fact that modern materials and technologies allow to reliably protect from moisture and to warm winter moccasins. In them you will be as comfortable as possible.

Leading manufacturers of demi-season and summer shoesduring the last few seasons, winter moccasins are produced. They invariably disperse grateful admirers of this kind of footwear from show-windows. We can only assume that this is a hybrid to meet the needs of motorists in warm and at the same time comfortable shoes.

winter moccasins


At the present moment only lazy does not producewinter moccasins with fur. Own variations on this theme have already released leading shoe mass-producers and designers. When choosing them, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to such classics as BOTTEGA VENETA, Tod "s, Roberto Cavalli, UGG ® Australia. Of domestic brands, good moccasins are produced by Carlo Pazolini and Luciano Carvari.

Model Features

Winter moccasins are made only from naturalmaterials - sheep's, calf's or pig's skin with fur lining. The most attractive models look suede or swivel. The soles are mostly stitched or cast from polyurethane or quality rubber. When buying, pay special attention to the insole.

It is necessary that it be made using natural fur, and also be easily pulled out of the shoes. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to dry the insides of this shoe.

winter moccasins for men

Winter moccasins for women

Whatever styles and trends, fashion designers do notdetermined for the new season, among all this wealth of models, the moccasins are still relevant for many years. This footwear is represented in the collections of even the largest fashion houses, among them Rodarte and Red Valentino.

Beauty and functionality

Winter moccasins are male and female not only verycomfortable and warm, but also incredibly beautiful. They produce a wide variety of colors for everyone's taste. Of course, mostly quiet neutral tones are used, although manufacturers also produce models of saturated bright colors. They pleasantly delight the look among the winter monotony of flowers in nature.

winter moccasins for women

With what to wear

Regardless of what moccasins are winter inthe ratings of the most democratic footwear occupy a leading position, they must be correctly combined with the rest of the clothing. Although for starters, let's say about what you should not do:

  • winter men's moccasins to wear with a suit. Whatever one may say, shoes for this purpose are better suited;
  • to acquire a black color model. This is a color decision that is unacceptable for this kind of footwear, as moccasins go against a strict, official style;
  • wear them "out of season";
  • combine them with a sports suit. Here everything is clear - moccasins along with training pants and a sweatshirt will look funny. For such purposes, there are sneakers or sneakers. By the way, men's sports shoes without laces are very popular this year.

Now we come to the point with which it is worthwear this fairly democratic shoes. It is desirable to wear moccasins with jeans, shortened trousers (mostly tucked from below), as well as linen pants, and jeans short shorts will also suit.

Pleases that at the moment, men'smoccasins can be purchased in absolutely different colors and shapes - it will not be difficult to find something suitable for your particular wardrobe. Do not forget that winter moccasins can be of poor quality, in other words, beware of fakes. In addition, such shoes can have completely different styles of execution. Although, whatever models you have not purchased - classic, semi-sports and sports, you will need to monitor the shoes equally competently and carefully.

How to look after

In winter, leather moccasins are necessarydaily rub with a special protective cream, in addition, handle with a water repellent spray, emulsion. Perfect protection is provided by so-called wax for shoes - a transparent gel or paste, whose composition includes purified beeswax, in addition, all kinds of fats. But suede shoes must first be cleaned of dust and dirt with a special brush and foam, then impregnated with a protective soft spray.

winter moccasins photo

When choosing winter moccasins, do not forget that you will not be able to wear such shoes in snowy weather, since you will not be able to walk normally on the road.

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